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GroupPhotoSelfLeadership2The workshop was held on Saturday August 21, 2010. The main objective of the workshop was to empower participants realize the importance of self-leadership. To achieve this goal, the workshop used a very powerful, holistic, dynamic, engaging, and transformative model called Experiential Learning.

This model creates processes that engage participants individually and in-group while entertaining and making fun as they draw lessons. Unlike other one-way techniques, this method is well tailored to generate ‘aha and wow moments’ without participants feeling lectured. It would be an impossible task to describe the whole process using words. Someone has to pass through the processes and taste the sweetness of the model.

Before the start of the workshop, many of the participants didn’t have a clue in what was going to happen. Just half way through the workshop, things turned upside down. Participants opened up to share their experiences, insights, realizations, and at the end of the workshop, it was apparent that all participants found themselves intoxicated and wanted to share and learn more but it was already too late and the event should have been concluded. What a dramatic and transformation event it was!

The feedbacks from participants were encouraging. They liked the methodology and the questions that provoked them to dig deeper and learn more about their self-leadership and what they must do next in becoming great leaders. They acknowledged that this workshop is very important for individuals and organizations. They pointed out that this kind of workshop is unique and organizations that desire to maximize the potential of their people should benefit from it.

Note: We are going to have another workshop on August Sunday 29th, 2010. Registration starts at 3: 30 PM and door will be closed at 4 PM. Please call at 703-895-4551 (Assegid) or 240-505-8997 (Eskender) since we have limited seats.