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Speech on “The Necessity of Women’s Leadership in Ethiopia”

Standing1The Founder of PRO Leadership was invited to speak at CREW’s annual conference at Resident Inn Marriott Hotel in DC on March 20, 2016. The theme of the speech was “The Necessity of Women’s Leadership in Ethiopia”. The program was arranged to honor Dr. Miagenet Shiferraw, who recently passed away. She dedicated her life to promote Ethiopian women’s rights. The presentation addressed the following questions:

  • What are the key factors that are preventing women from taking leadership? Who are the culprits?
  • What are the prices we are paying for failing to allow women to be at the front and leading?
  • What do we (all stakeholders) need to do to bridge the leadership gap? And more…

Check our website to watch the video when it’s released…

March 26 2016 Presentation’s Theme: “Bridging the Leadership Gap: For Smooth Transition and Successful Post Conflict Ethiopia”

The Future of Ethiopia flyer Final Version March 16Last year’s PRO Leadership Global annual conference recognized the 3 G (Geographic, Generational, and Gender) Leadership Gaps. There is more leadership need in the Southern Hemisphere than the Western. By 2020, just 4 years from now, research shows that 33 million baby boomer leaders retire just in the US alone. It’s apparent to everyone who is paying attention that women constitute more than half of the majority of the communities around the world plus, researches reveal that, they shoulder more than 75% of the burden and responsibilities behind the scene at family, community, and societal levels. But, they’re significantly absent at the front, and they’re not empowered to lead. These 3 leadership gaps should be bridged if our desire is to tackle the enormous challenges of the 21st C and to tap into the incredible opportunities the era presents.

PRO Leadership, through its leadership, advisors, and volunteers, will continue to try its best to play its share in bridging the existing leadership gap. You’re most welcomed to join us as a volunteer, partner, and/or sponsor. This responsibility of bridging the 3G Leadership Gaps is our collective responsibility, and there is a part you should play based on your passion, talent, experience, or at least using your resources.

In the meantime, I’m going to speak on this coming Saturday morning at Georgetown Marriott Hotel in DC (check out the attached flyer for detail), and the theme of my presentation is: “Bridging the Leadership Gap: For Smooth Transition and Successful Post Conflict Ethiopia”.

Ethiopia has been facing enormous challenges such as ruthless dictators, chronic famine, the lack of freedom, justice, and democracy. The country will remain one of the poorest countries in the world; its people will continue to suffer unless she fixes the leadership gap. The future of Ethiopia lays in the hands of its competent contemporary and future leaders. Ethiopia needs the right leaders at all levels.

We all have different answers for this key question: Who is (are) the culprits for Ethiopia’s backwardness and misery? We may point our fingers at so many places and persons in an attempt to blame the responsible parties. This presentation proposes that it’s the leadership gap- more than any other single factor- that failed our country. As the saying goes, leadership makes or breaks, and we aren’t exceptional.

This presentation shows the roles leadership has been playing for our inability to bring lasting changes in our country, leadership lessons we may learn from our past, and from others’ experiences, and some suggestions on how to bridge the leadership gap that exists.

Hope you could be able to come and share your insights, stories, and feedback. See you there…

The Necessity of Women in Leadership

CREW's Conference Flyer March 2016My presentation tomorrow is entitled: “The Necessity of Women’s Leadership in Ethiopia”.

The afternoon program is arranged to honor Dr. Miagenet Shiferraw, who recently passed away. She dedicated her life to promote Ethiopian women’s rights. For detail info, check out the attached flyer.

The presentation attempts to address the following questions:

  1. What are the key factors that are preventing women from taking leadership? Who are the culprits?
  2. What are the prices we are paying for failing to allow women to be at the front and leading?
  3. What do we (all stakeholders) need to do to bridge the leadership gap?
  4. And more…

Note: My presentation is just a little part of this comprehensive program. There are great speakers you shouldn’t miss if you’re in the metro area…

Women in Leadership is a serious necessity…

CREW's Conference Flyer March 2016

It’s an illusion to think that any effort at family, community, national, and global levels succeeds without the full involvement of women. Not just mere participation, when we allow women to be at the front and leading. That is then, we harvest the results of a smart choice as a society. It’s smart to empower more than half of our population, and those women who shoulder more than 75% of the responsibilities and tasks behind the scene.

But, both women and progressive men should make sure to increase the capacity of women. Mere positioning of women in leadership position is futile, to say the least. They cannot succeed in their leadership without proper empowerment.
Though the proactive roles of men in promoting women in leadership is necessary, women themselves should play a proactive role. They shouldn’t wait until they’re given the opportunity to lead. Leadership is their birthright! They should go for it. They should take it by ‘force’ :-)

This is especially important in Ethiopia. A county like Ethiopia, which is constantly challenged by chronic famine, poor governance, corruption, and so on, needs its women more than ever. Having our women in leadership is not a luxury. It’s a must!

Come and honor Dr. Miagenet (see the attached flyer for detail) who was an exemplary woman leader who dedicated her life for the rights of women. Honoring such committed women leaders, who are at the front and leading regardless of the odds that confront them, would inspire other women to take leadership. When we admire and appreciate those who have already ventured to take leadership, those who are tentative and behind the scene will come forth and join the movement.

The movement to empower our women in leadership is OUR movement, not just women’s movement…

Join the movement to bridge the leadership gap- June 27 1- 5pm

The human race has come a long way and advanced its civilization impressively. In the 21st C, more than any other time in our history, however, our civilization and advancements in various fields have been threatened by so many chronic, and new challenges that may hinder our progress and disrupt the co-existence of a religiously diverse world.

We have global issues like religious fundamentalism, poverty, environmental degradation, poor governance, and lack of freedom and justice around the world. There are also many other local issues that confront millions of people in their respective communities. Both these global and local roadblocks are upsetting our progress, and distracting us from moving forward to attain the height of our greatness.

We shouldn’t accept these inconveniences as our fate, and most importantly, we shouldn’t allow them to sidetrack us from the MAIN THING. We should claim our common destiny by unleashing the potential of each individual regardless of his or her religious, racial, ethnic, and cultural background.

Yes, we have advanced technology wise. No question, we have beaten so many odds. That is right; we have state of the art gears in each industry. The list continues…

Nonetheless, it looks like we humans have lost the big picture, and confront temporal challenges by seeking immediate solutions and by finding short cuts as way outs.

The question is should we just react instinctively to come out of these difficulties? Should we believe that using force alone fixes these challenges? Should we over trust laws, and simply issue legislation after legislation?

Guns, demonstrations, and legislations alone cannot take us out of these predicaments that are threatening our survival, and the co-existence of the world’s diverse population.

In short, though we don’t want to admit it, we are stuck, and we need leadership.

The challenge is that we have few leaders and there is a clear leadership gap where we may not have well equipped leaders in the coming years, and decades as we deal with these extraordinary challenges the human race faces.

We need to raise extraordinary leaders who can lead by example; leaders who are visionary, far sighted, caring, inclusive, disciplined, ethical, and resilient. Leaders who take leadership initiatives in the area of their passion, rally others, and tackle those issues for which they have the burden, talent, and skill in a sustainable and lasting ways. Otherwise, the challenges we are experiencing right now may be aggravated and worsen, to say the least.

Are you an experienced leader? Have you been pondering whether your vision fruition and your legacy continue when you are done? Are you wondering whether your successors, once you are gone, could be able to tackle the contemporary challenges your family, organization, and community is facing? Are your successors ready to take the baton right now from you and take your achievements to the next height? If you are not sure, well, join us…

You may be an emerging leader. As you can see, the world around you is overwhelmed by so many challenges. Let me ask you, are you ready and equipped to charge forward and contribute your leadership share in addressing the challenges the world around you is facing? Do you feel that you have what it takes to grasp the baton from the previous generation and run with it? If not, well, this conference is right and timely for you. Come and attend…

We at PRO Leadership strongly believe that the challenges we are facing require the active involvement of both generations. Unfortunately, the generational gap that exists in many communities around the world prevents both experienced and emerging leaders from coming together and play their respective roles in tackling these challenges. The generational gap, whether it is generational, gender, or geographic, is wide. To bridge this leadership gap, therefore, there are some efforts that should be done from both sides. That is why we arranged this conference on June 27, 2015 @1 pm.

First and fore most, both generations should let go of its respective judgment against the other camp. Rather, each generation should appreciate the strengths of the other generation, and critically review the drawbacks of its own generation. Without this humility, it is hard to bridge the generational gap.

That is why we arranged this timely conference entitled “Embracing the next generation”. We need the involvement of all stakeholders: Families, community organizations, businesses, governments, and multinational institutions to bridge the generational gap, and embrace the emerging leaders.

However, we strongly believe that we cannot just have a one-day conference like this and expect great results overnight. This is a marathon, and therefore, we should talk about the next follow up steps, and also engage all key players including you.

This conference is especial because; it gives the audience so many opportunities to contribute. We have a keynote address, three speeches, and then three breakout sessions, and then a panel discussion consists of both experienced and emerging leaders.

We are also going to talk about what is next to come up with some projects, and action plans for the implementation of these projects. Therefore, don’t miss this timely and relevant conference. Come and learn, and also share your insights, stories, and ideas. Volunteer to be part of our the future projects that aim at bridging the generational gap…

Discussion on the theme Bridging the leadership generational gap

Almost less than two weeks before the conference on Bridging the Generational Gap, Dr. James Dula sat with Dr. Assegid Habtewold to discuss about the theme. Here is the video link to watch the discussion between Drs. James Dula and Assegid Habtewold:

June 27 2015 Leadership Conference Advertisement video

Here is the conference’s advertisement video:

You may please share it on your social media, and forward it to your network so that those who may greatly benefit from this event could be able to attend.

Thanks in advance!


Press Release- June 27 2015 Leadership Conference


Assegid Habtewold (Dr.)
Founder & Chairman,
PRO Leadership Global Inc.
Tel: 703-895-4551


Silver Spring, MD: PRO Leadership is pleased to announce its annual leadership conference, which will be held on Saturday June 27 2015 from 1 – 5 pm at Prince George’s Community College, Largo Student Center. The theme of the conference is “Embracing the Next Generation Leaders”.

We at PRO Leadership strongly believe that sustainable solutions are required for today’s global issues. New leadership and issue resolution models are needed to provide long-term solutions instead of Band-Aids. We need to change our thinking and our approaches. Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” We need to change our thinking about addressing the burning issues that confront us. Just a couple of examples:

  • Violent religious fundamentalism is increasing and threatening the harmonious co-existence of a religiously diverse world.
  • Loss of economic opportunity is deepening poverty in vulnerable countries, and spreading to others.
  • Real environmental degradation is threatening our air, land and water.
  • Poor political governance, corruption, and oppression of basic freedoms are becoming rampant.

These and similar challenges facing humanity cannot be addressed by using force alone or issuing legislation after legislation. It demands raising leaders at all levels. Raising leaders who are passionate about tackling these challenges; leaders who are well-equipped and able to lead by example. Unfortunately, we’re not ready. There is a growing generational leadership gap.

Recent research shows that close to 33 million ‘baby boomers’ retirements will occur in the U.S. alone by 2020. Canada, Japan and most of Europe have even older populations. This should alarm us! We need to identify, encourage and raise emerging leaders, and bridge the gap. That is why we arranged this timely conference, to focus on embracing and growing the next generation of leaders: By bringing together seasoned and emerging leaders, in this one of a kind leadership conference.

We have arranged for you an inspirational keynote address; three encouraging addresses by diverse leaders; followed by three breakout sessions, and a panel discussion entitled “Bridging the Gap.” This panel discussion is comprised of two tracks focused on Seasoned leaders on one side and Emerging leaders on the other.

Therefore, we kindly invite you to attend this timely conference and learn how to bridge the leadership gap in your community, organization, and nation. And also share your insights, experience, and stories to other participants.

PRO Leadership is a non-profit organization based in Silver Spring Maryland. It believes that leadership is the birthright of every individual who is birthed into this planet. PRO Leadership’s mission is to inspire, train, and mentor leaders who cannot access or afford formal leadership development resources and programs. PRO Leadership envisions ordinary individuals becoming leaders and maximize their potential, which in turn contributes towards individual and collective success at family, organizational, national, and global level. You may learn more about PRO Leadership and the conference by going to our website at

Report: 2nd Year Anniv celebration

PRO Leadership celebrated its Second Year Anniversary on October 22, 2011 at Marriott Hotel at Maryland University.

NuNu1The Host of the event was NuNu Wako, an international talk-show host with millions weekly viewers. She brought her candid and graceful speaking ability to beautify the event.

The gifted poet Israel Getu shared her passion using her loaded and powerful poems. Her poems had powerful messages, challenges that stretch, and they called for actions. Great poems!IsraelGetu



hizNeway BandThe vibrant hizNeway Band rocked the event with their original and classic songs of love, pursuance of passion, and hope. These young and like-minded gifted artists used their unique individual gifting to work harmoniously. They uplifted the spirit of participants and motivated every one in attendance.



Assegid2YearAnnivThe founder and chairman of PRO Leadership presented the main points of his newly released book. In his presentation, he shared that this book has been in him for many years and it is partially memoir, partially policy book, and partially personal manifesto where he shared his religious, political, and philosophical beliefs and outlooks. He indicated his fears that some of his viewpoints may anger some or irritate others but he hoped that there would be some common things each reader may share with him. He encouraged his readers to provide him their feedbacks, constructive criticisms, and reviews so that he may improve his writing as he continues to publish his coming books.

ModeratorsFollowing the presentation, three groups were formed to further discuss three subtopics led by three affluent moderators: Carla Blue (iCARE Solutions), Chuck Bowen (Regent University), and Teylama Herve Miabey (Howard University). These dynamic leaders in the area of their passion have practical experience by working with finest organizations in the USA and abroad. We have got lots of positive feedback about this format. Participants found the group discussion vibrant and educational. Unfortunately, since we didn’t have time, we stopped the group discussions even if participants wanted to continue debate and exchange their views.

Participants2YearAnnivPRO Leadership is grateful to each and every participant of this event, and organizers who committed their resources, time, and energy to make sure the event succeeds. They could have been somewhere on a Saturday afternoon but they chose to be there and celebrated this milestone with us. Some of them came from far such as from Virginia, Philadelphia, and even from Seattle. Some of them came and stayed even if there were serious family and job related issues.

Participants2YearAnniv1Thank you all for your time, energy, knowledge and experience you shared, and resources you committed for the success of this event.

What to expect from the 2nd year anniv

Flyer_2ndyearDear Participants,

This is a reminder. This coming Saturday on Oct 22, 2011 between 2 – 5 PM, we look forward to celebrate our second year anniversary with you. For direction and other details, check the attached flyer.

In this year’s event, we have both entertaining and educational programs. The empowering and motivational talk-show host NuNu Wako is going to lead the entire event. We have also a gifted poet Israel Getu who is going to share with us her inspirational and call to action poems. We have vibrant and charismatic young musicians from hizNeway Band who are going to motivate and uplift us with their classic songs. We are going to award certificate for two dedicated leaders who are recent graduates from our mentoring program. We will make available some copies of the new book, teaching CDs produced by Carla, and songs from hizNeway Band. We have light refreshments and cake ceremony at the end of the event.

The speaker for this year’s anniversary is Assegid Habtewold. He presents the main points from his newly released book as a basis for discussion. Afterwords, there will be three breakout sessions. We have three moderators: Carla (iCare Solutions), Chuck (Regent Univ), and Herve (Howard Univ). These dynamic and well-equipped leaders for such events like this will lead their respective group to discuss three sub-topics. They will take note on flip charts and finally report the findings/resolutions of their respective group to the whole participants. Following their reports, we will have another discussion and Q&A among all participants. These discussions will give each participant a chance to self-learn and discover through discussion, Q & A, and through hearing the testimonies and experiences of their fellow participants.

The group with Carla discusses about the true meaning of leadership and clarifies misunderstandings. Herve’s group discusses the barriers (cultural, religious, political, and past historical factors) that deter individuals from becoming leaders, and what to do about them. The group with Chuck discusses about the roles of major stakeholders (parents, schools, religious organizations…multinational organizations) in raising individual leaders; what kind of roles they should play in raising awareness, alleviating the challenges facing individuals from claiming their birthright of leadership, etc.

It is going to be fun, interesting, and educational…

We will look forward to celebrate with you!