New Book: The Highest Level of Greatness

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To refresh your memory, the mission of PRO Leadership is bridging the leadership gaps worldwide one community at a time.

These gaps were created because of some barriers. Nonetheless, the main reason is that the overwhelming majority doesn’t believe that they are greatness material and becoming leaders in the area of their passion and according to their unique purpose is their birthright. Many shy away from taking leadership responsibilities by citing so many lame excuses. 

Though it is understandable why many avoid stepping up and be part of the solution to the major ills the world is facing, we cannot just exempt ourselves and expect others to take leadership initiatives and address these challenges we face. The major ills the world faces demand great leaders like yourself. You have what it takes within you to unleash your greatness by becoming a leader in your life and your mission in life.

In my latest book entitled ‘The Highest Level of Greatness: Purpose-oriented, vision-centered, and values-driven greatness’, I shared the stories of great leaders from diverse cultures who were like you and me when they began their leadership journey. Using a framework, I clearly showed how ordinary individuals could achieve extraordinary results and attain greatness as far as they discover their unique purpose, envision the completion of the purpose, and demonstrate an unwavering commitment toward their core values. 

You’re not exceptional. The challenges your community, nation, and the world face demands that you step up. Like those who went before you, the great ones, you should bring out your best, impact the world around you and beyond, put a dent in the history of humanity, and leave a legacy that outlives you and your generation.

Filled with stories, insights, and conversations, the book will help you become one of the great world changers. To learn more about the book, and also download the Introduction and first chapter of the book, check out the Press Release:

If you haven’t yet, check out the Facebook live interview I had in September at UN Migration Agency- IOM office in DC: Here is the YouTube link if in case you don’t have yet a Facebook account:

More Greatness books and specific books on Leadership are coming in 2018. We’re also preparing to launch a Show that brings to you high impact interviews in our effort to bridge the leadership gaps. Stay Tuned!

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Assegid Habtewold

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PRO Leadership Global Inc. ( is a non-profit organization based in Maryland, US. PRO Leadership PROmotes the right kind of Leadership, PROduces great leaders to bridge the leadership gaps (including gender leadership gap) worldwide one community at a time. If you would like to support what we do, feel free to reach out to us, and be part of the movement.

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