Answering questions on how the new book contributes toward the mission of PRO Leadership

Following the publication of my book entitled ‘The Highest Level of Greatness’ (check out the release video if you’ve not yet), I had an informal interview to answer some tough questions such as ‘Do you really think everyone is a greatness material? You wrote a book on greatness, have you attained greatness yourself? Your country is one of the poorest. You talk about greatness while millions are starved and in need of food? And so on. If you’re interested in watching the interview, click here and check it out.

In this blog, I’d like to answer some key questions regarding the contributions of the book toward the mission of PRO Leadership.

  1. Is there a direct relationship between greatness and leadership?

Yes! There is a direct relationship between greatness and leadership. When you study your great ones, you could easily figure out that they were great leaders. It’s impossible to attain greatness without the ability to lead.

  1. How does this book contribute toward the mission of PRO Leadership?

PRO Leadership Global Inc. is a non-profit organization whose headquarter is in Maryland, USA. The mission of PRO Leadership is to bridge the leadership gaps to tackle the major ills of the world one community at a time. We need as many great leaders as possible to tackle the acute and chronic challenges this generation is facing. We cannot fix poverty, famine, conflicts, poor governance, environmental degradation, displacements, and other challenges we are facing without raising leaders among the people who are affected by these ills primarily. We need extraordinary leaders who believe in themselves; individuals who believe that they have greatness within; individuals who are willing to serve well beyond their immediate needs, and family. Our goal is to raise competent leaders who step into their greatness and serve the world around them and beyond based on their purpose, passion, and strengths.

Our motto is PROmoting Leadership, PROducing Leaders. As you can see, it has two parts. We promote the right kind of leadership. In my first book ‘Redefining Leadership: Navigating the path from birthright to fulfillment in life,’ which was published in 2011, I simply defined leadership as ‘Knowing oneself, the reason for existence, and pursuing it until fulfilled’. This definition permits each and every individual to venture out and take leadership. You don’t need to have leadership in your bloodline. You don’t necessarily need to graduate from college.

Leadership isn’t, first, about others. It’s not also about the position you occupy and the title you hold. It’s first to know oneself very well, and one’s purpose. We cannot lead others successfully before we know ourselves and lead ourselves first successfully. The great ones were clear about who they truly were and why they were there in that particular space, time, and generation. They went out to pursue their purpose. They didn’t begin by saying, ‘Let me go out and inspire, influence, and guide others.’ They first led themselves successfully. Those people who shared their purpose saw the self-assurance, confidence, and their ability to lead self. Then, they believed, trusted, and followed them.

The second part of our motto is Producing great leaders. There are lots of insight and approaches you could get from this book so that you too become a great leader like your great ones. You’re unique. You have what it takes. The great ones before you were where you’re today. Learn from their journey. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You can learn so many great lessons from these great ones who changed the world for good because of their extraordinary leadership ability. You too can follow their example, and become one of the great world changes in your lifetime, and in turn, contribute your share in tackling the major ills that are tormenting your community in particular, and the human race at large.

  1.    Who are some of the great leaders you mentioned in the book?

The book narrated the stories of many great ones from diverse religions and cultures. I’m sure that you could be able to relate with all or, at least, some of the great ones who attained the highest level of greatness. Let me give you some examples. Think about Mahatma Gandhi who is from India. Mother Teresa and Joan of Arc from Europe. Nelson Mandela from Africa. Thomas Edison, George Washington Carver, and Martin Luther King Jr. from the US. And many more. Some young, others were old. Some blacks, others whites. Some from the West while others from the South and East. They were also of both genders. Their industries were also diverse. Some of the great ones were from politics, others from science, religion, still others from humanitarian fields.

  1. What are the key takeaways for leaders?

There are lots of takeaways. I encourage you to read the book. This book took me over two decades of research, reflections, and implementations of the truths I had uncovered about the human potential. However, for now, let me give you a couple of takeaways.

  • First, like greatness, everyone can become a leader. And, leadership is the birthright of all. However, having the potential and what it takes to become a great leader is not enough. We have to pay our dues. Every good thing has a price tag.
  • Second, the book doesn’t promote any kind of greatness. Likewise, we at PRO Leadership don’t promote any kind of leadership. The book emphasizes that one’s greatness (leadership) should be based on a worthwhile purpose. In history, great leaders were those who had a cause and those who went all in to pursue it. They were persuaded that they were the right persons to pursue and fulfill those causes for which they were willing to die for. One cannot go far, have impacts, and leave a legacy, unless that person’s leadership is based on his/her uniqueness, their reason for existence.
  • Third, the key roles vision plays in one’s success in life. We may know who we are, and the reason for our existence. However, we need to see the accomplishment of our purpose in a picture clearly. That is why the great leaders that we all admire were visionaries. Actually, the world has been influenced and shaped by visionaries. They saw the end from the beginning. The vision kept motivating them till the end. They overcame challenges and continued to lead against all odds because the end they saw was too good to let it go that they were willing to keep getting up even if they were knocked multiple times.
  • Fourth, the significance of becoming a values-driven leader. It doesn’t matter that we have a grand cause and a glorious vision. We need values that define who we (individually and as a team) are. We need to discover those values that can advance the purpose, and protect the vision. Review history, the leaders who succeeded and left a legacy were principled. On the other hand, think about the leaders who stumbled. They didn’t have values, or they had, but they compromised their values or violated some universal values.

The book provides a lot more insights than covered above. To add a little more, the book:

  1. Defines and explain what purpose, vision, and core values are
  2. Enlists the vital roles the above three key attributes of the great ones that empowered them to attain greatness
  3. Describes what purpose-oriented, vision-centered, and values-driven lifestyle means

To read more about the book, the press release, the release video, and where to get the book, click here…

I’m sure this book empowers you to become an extraordinary leader. You can also use it to empower your team.

If you’re interested me in speaking at one of your future events based on the book, or a portion of the book, feel free to reach out to me: 703-895-4551 or Email me at

Assegid Habtewold, Bridge Builder

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