Thomas Edison attained purpose-oriented greatness (excerpt)

…Think about those great ones you admire. Write down the names of five of your great ones. If you take time and reflect, you could be able to find out, at least, two things in common. They:

  • Discovered their unique purpose, and
  • Willing to die for the purpose they discovered.

Let me quickly give you some diverse examples of great ones who attained purpose-oriented greatness.

2. Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison is a household name. He is known around the world for his invention of the light bulb. “Everyone agrees that he [Thomas Edison] was the greatest inventive genius who ever lived.”[i] Of course, including a patent for his Incandescing Electric Lamp, Edison held “more than 1, 000 patents for his inventions.”[ii]

Unlike Moses, Edison never claimed that God sent him to light up the world nor did he publicly declare that it was his unique purpose. Nonetheless, he had a sense of mission. While humanity was satisfied with the daylight of the sun during the daytime, and the moonlight at night, Edison burdened to brighten the world. More than any of his other inventions, Edison took the light bulb seriously as if his life was depended on it. He didn’t give up even if he failed over 1, 000 times.

Edison’s greatness was based on his invention of the light bulb. He went all-in. Repetitive failures didn’t stop him. He gave it his best. He didn’t quit until he brought the modern light bulb to the world. He achieved a purpose-oriented greatness and left a legacy that outlived him…

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This excerpt is taken from ‘The Highest Level of Greatness’ book pages 36 – 39.

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