Why you should attend this coming Thursday’s workshop

This coming Thursday, February 15, 2018, @ 6: 30 pm at Marriott Marquis Washington DC, I’m going to facilitate a 2-hour workshop on the theme: Effective Communication Skills. Here are two strong reasons why you need to attend this workshop (or recommend someone) if you’re in the DC metro area.

1. The organizers. Your Ethiopian Professionals Network, known as YEP, is one of the most dynamic organizations that I personally know. I don’t usually endorse an organization just for the sake of it. I facilitated a workshop for the leadership team in 2012 or 2013 on mission, vision, branding, teamwork, and so on. I was so proud as an Ethiopian by their passion, unity of purpose, clarity, and professionalism of these young leaders. Don’t just believe my words. Because of their outstanding leadership, the organization has been growing exponentially. They have over five thousand members. Its members are diverse in profession, age group, gender, ethnicity, religion, and so on. Whether you’re new to the US or have been here for years, if your desire is to grow professionally, this is a group you have to join. You cannot grow and continue to succeed solo and without the network and support of like-minded professionals. Thus, use this opportunity to meet the leadership, its volunteers, and members. For more, check out their website: http://yepnetworks.org/

2. The theme, communication. One of my favorite motivational speakers- Les Brown said, “Communication is the number one tool to succeed in any endeavor.” Whether you are looking for a job, improve your relationships, advance on the corporate ladder, grow your business, serve and lead your community with excellence, you cannot do it without effective communication skills. You can have off the chart credential, out of this world talent and skills, and the zeal to serve, without communicating effectively, however, they are almost worthless. This is especially important to our community. Personal and professional developments are treated casually. I’ve met many talented Ethiopian professionals who overstayed in one position for years, not because they don’t have the qualification, experience, and drive; it’s due to the lack of certain soft skills like communication. I know many of you work hard and desire to succeed but hanging out with people from your profession alone is not enough. Reading textbooks of your profession alone isn’t sufficient to grow and advance in what you do. You need to invest in your personal and professional developments proactively. We need to incorporate this element in our culture. As a community, we need to develop personally and professionally constantly if our desire is to succeed individually and collectively. There is no shortcut. That was how other communities advanced, and enjoying prosperity and civilization- they developed the human potential of their people. By the way, government agencies, major corporations, and nonprofit organizations in the US that I serve as a facilitator pay thousands of dollars to arrange this kind of workshops for their staff, supervisors, managers, and executives. Now, YEP brought this to you for free. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity. If your desire is to go to the next level and continue advancing in what you do, you need to sharpen your communication ability. And, this engaging and interactive workshop empowers you to go to the next height in your communication skills. For detail, check out this Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/events/176432579752207/

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