Met with Ambassador of AU in the US

Yesterday, I was at African Union Embassy in DC for the first time.

Her Excellency Dr, Arikana Chihombori-Quao, African Union Ambassador to the US, received me in her office warmly. The first thing she said was ‘Welcome home!’ Indeed, I felt at home and we discussed engaging the diaspora African community.

My hope for Africa’s bright future increases as I meet such new breed leaders of Africa. She is a passionate Panafricanist! I could see from our discussion how committed she is to reach out, engage, and empower the African Diaspora.






I had the honor to give her my two latest books. It was also a privilege that she pinned on my chest the two beautiful African Union pins (gold and green, representing prosperity and rich natural resources).








We should use this rare opportunity of extraordinary leadership here in the US to reconnect with our homeland and payback the continent that raised and nurtured us to get where we’re today. #Africa #AfricanUnion

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