Teddy Afro- the sensational singer, and his resilience (excerpt)

“…Back home in Ethiopia and in the Diaspora, the name Teddy Afro is a household name. He is a sensational singer known for his songs of love, tolerance, unity, and forgiveness. Teddy is also a well-celebrated singer in East Africa. Moreover, his latest Album ‘Ethiopia’ came in 1st on the Billboard World Albums chart.[i]

Unfortunately, Teddy’s messages didn’t go well with the previous government in Ethiopia. He encountered many roadblocks aimed at discouraging and ultimately changing his messages. He faced jail time, cancelation of his shows, visa denials to travel and perform outside of the country.

Other artists in his place would have easily and quickly given up a long time ago. Not Teddy! Regardless of experiencing continual setbacks and losing lots of money, he kept singing his messages while also improving his craft. After so many years of persecution, finally, because Teddy kept going while passing through hell, he began getting acceptances including from some unlikely circles.

The Amahara regional state is governed by one of the members of the ruling party (EPRDF). The state extended an official visit to Teddy a couple of months ago. When he arrived in the beautiful city of Bahir Dar, he got a heroic welcome. What is more? On top of performing in a concert that attracted thousands of fans, Teddy gave an interview to the state-owned media.

The moral of the story is that since Teddy kept going while experiencing continual setbacks, he continued to produce. He didn’t slow down. He refused to change his messages to appease those who opposed him. He didn’t quit nor decided to wait and see. He remained optimistic while keep going…”

This excerpt is taken from the upcoming follow-up book to The Highest Level of Greatness p. 175

Extraordinary leaders are resilient. They endure and outlast continual setbacks. They are willing to be stretched beyond their breaking point. You are a candidate to become one of the great world changers. However, this task requires to stand up for your values and willing to pay the prices in defense of your values…

Assegid Habtewold, Bridge Builder

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