Jobs tapped into the downtime as he worked hard for his comeback

“After one of the most humiliating outings in the history of US corporations, Jobs returned to Apple after 12 long years as Moses to take it to its Canaan. Jobs eventually regained his leadership position. He was crowned and placed at the helm of Apple once again.

However, one thing many people tend to forget is that Jobs didn’t waste his time in the wilderness. His glorious return wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t tap into the downtime. Between the time he was fired and his triumphant return, he didn’t waste his energy, time, and resources complaining and whining. Rather than blaming the Board and John Sculley- his mentor and the man he himself begged to join Apple, Jobs kept himself very busy. Rather than nursing his wounds, he was actively working toward his comeback.

During that downtime between 1985 – 1997, Jobs could have run away from the valley, called it to quit, or mourned his loss for a very long period of time. If he did, no one would have blamed him. Many would have sympathized with his decision. Instead, Jobs tapped into that downtime to further create. Next Generation and Pixar were the two classic innovations of Jobs that came to existence while he was passing through hell…”

The excerpt is taken from the upcoming follow- up book to The Highest Level of Greatness p.124

Extraordinary leaders are don’t waste any time. While passing through hell, they tap into the downtime working hard for their comeback. That is why the world loves comeback stories. Even from their rivals and enemies.

Assegid Habtewold, Bridge Builder

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