Ethiopia Trip Report: Media Appearances

Because of the unstable political atmosphere in Ethiopia, I have never gone back to Ethiopia since I came to the US in 2005. In April this year, however, the ruling party elected a new Prime Minister- Abiy Ahmed, who has been spearheading a reform that includes inviting political opponents, some of whom were sentenced to death in absentia.

Since then, thousands of Ethiopians in the Diaspora returned home after many years of exile. After 13 long years stay in the US, me too, I decided to visit my native country this past November.

During my four weeks stay, I had chances to:

  1. Visit my family,
  2. Give interviews to some government-owned and private media, and
  3. Conduct some keynotes and workshops for some universities and corporations.

In this blog, I’m going to report my media appearances during my stay in Ethiopia.

Most of my media interviews were based on my motivational books Unchain Your Greatness and ‘The Highest Level of Greatness.

Two of the interviews I had were in English.

  1. The host of Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) FM 104.7 (Assegid Mulugeta) asked me where it all started. I shared with him how it all began. Starting from how I was first convinced that I had unlimited potential within and ventured out to pursue my passion. The discussion was very lively.

Here is the link to listen to the chat I had with Assegid Mulugeta of The High Time: 

2. AfroFM’sDawit invited me to come to his studio and share my story. The shos targets the youth and we used the opportunities to inspire the youth to believe that they have the seed of greatness within. We encouraged them to tap into the ongoing reform to play their fair share in transforming their country.

With Dawit of AfroFM
With Dawit inside the studio

I had also interviews with some government-owned and private media outlets in Amharic (the national language). These interviews were about:

3. The human potential with Obelessa Adola of Evangelical TV. If you’re especially a young man or woman, don’t want to miss this. You better know the potential you carry as early as possible. You’re destined to shine and attain greatness. Here is the recording of that interview:

With Obolessa

4. The core messages of my five books with Ayele Anawte of YeAmerar Tebebe that airs on Amahara Media. In this lengthy interview, Ayele asked very critical questions that allowed me to share lots of insights and stories. Don’t miss this! The video clips haven’t yet been released. 

With Ayele Anawte

5. Discussion on latest project management principles with Abeselome. This interview especially was very timely and relevant considering the fact that the nation has been plagued by project failures. Its mega projects have been failing miserably.

With Abeselome of EVA Show

Here is the recording:

Will continue to report the remaining aspects of my Ethiopia Trip. Stay tuned!

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