A Somalian refugee challenged this year’s World Economic Forum goers

Africa needs NEW BREED Leaders in every sector representing the forgotten.

Mohammed Hassan Mohamud- a Somalian refugee who has spent the last 20 years, challenged this year’s World Economic Forum goers. In the section where he was invited to co-chair, while the majority of the speakers focused on Computers, AI, and Policies issues and their impacts in the 21st C, he was a voice to the voiceless who have been marginalized in some corners of the world away from the limelight and forums like this ones.

He helped those who were present to have touch with reality. He pointed out, “Look at me, I have no marketable skills,” he continued, “Food aid, or ‘beans for people’ perpetuated a mentality of dependency which undermined refugees’ ability to chase their dreams and aspirations.”

He is on the mark. The sustainable way to defeat poverty and for Africa to come out of her predicaments is to have people-centered solutions like empowering its youth!

Let’s talk about you, young man/woman. Let me ask you, what are you doing to tackle the major ills Africa is facing? Have you identified your uniqueness? Have you picked your unique lane? Are you serving your community using your talent and gift by taking lead in the area of your passion to tackle the major ills that have been tormenting Africa?

This is high time you to join the NEW BREED Leaders of Africa (https://www.facebook.com/NewBreedLeadersOfAfrica/) like Mohammed Hassan Mohamud. Let it be the last time you sit on the sidelines as you watch your community suffers for too long while you are refraining to take lead…

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