Empowering women in leadership- International women’s day

Let’s celebrate the invaluable contributions of women.

In every society, women constitute roughly half of their respective population. They are the principal homemakers, caregivers, and sustainers of the family fabric of every society. Women are mothers, sisters, wives, and friends to the male dominated world.

On top of the home front, women also play key roles in the market and workplaces. They fulfill so many invaluable responsibilities in every society and nation. In short, without women, the human race cannot exist and survive let alone to thrive.

But, we have lots of works ahead of us in order women to play leading roles in the areas of their passion. This is especially important in Africa. For the continent to redeem itself and experience true transformation, it needs the full participation of women. Africa cannot afford to ignore, undermine, and/or underutilize its productive and invaluable citizens and expect to flourish and thrive. Women must have true say and placed in decision making positions to play their fair share as leaders…

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