The Place of Leadership Development to Implement Ethiopian Education Roadmap

The Ethiopian Science and Academic Network in partnership with One Pupil organized an event on May 18, 2019, at the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC. The was very successful, great speakers. Congrats to the organizing committee members.

My presentation was about “The Place of Leadership Development to Implement the Ethiopian Education Roadmap” I showed on how leadership makes or breaks any initiative.

The success of the Roadmap is dependent on whether we can raise competent leaders at all levels- from Ministerial to Unversity to Faculty and to Classroom levels, who can implement the Roadmap successfully.

Translating this great Roadmap, which is now on paper, into realities; converting the vision into results, requires to invest on leadership capacity development within our education system, and I shared how the upcoming Initiative by PRO Leadership, which will be launched on May 29th here in the US and July 17th in Addis could contribute its fair share, in partnership with our key strategic partners, in bridging the leadership gaps.

I will share the content of my presentation soon. Stay tuned…

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