Remarks from Congressman Joe Neguse of Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District

Greetings to all attendees of PRO Leadership’s annual conference! I apologize that I could not be there with you in person this evening, but I appreciate the invitation to send remarks.

My parents came to the United States as refugees from Eritrea over 36 years ago. They fled their country of origin amidst a civil war and sought a better life for their children and grandchildren in the United States. They depended on the values of this nation to uplift themselves and guarantee their children freedoms they may never have otherwise known. Their experience motivated me to be an active participant in our democracy at an early age, and to give back through public service and civic engagement.

Africans and African-Americans make substantial contributions of leadership to communities across this nation and our world. They are CEOs, professors, elected officials at all levels of government, military service members, and beacons of guidance and strength for society.

I am glad to hear about this conference’s goal to tackle the major challenges in Africa by filling generational, gender and geographic leadership gaps. Though I am the first African-American elected to Congress from the state of Colorado, it has always been my goal to ensure that I am

not the last. It will take great drive and commitment to ensure this goal is achieved, which is why

I am so pleased to hear of your engagement in this conference today.

Thank you for being here today and for taking on the leadership of tomorrow!

Note: We at PRO Leadership are proud of the accomplishments of Congressman Joe Neguse. He is an inspiration for millions of youth here in the US and around the world, especially for immigrants from Africa. We’re proud of him and highly appreciative of his support for the Initiative.

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