Some pics from May 29th 2019 launching conference

Group Pic- Some of the organizing and advisory committee members, speakers, and panelists…

Some highlights from the May 29th conference on Bridging the Leadership Gaps in Africa organized by PRO Leadership Global Inc. Many thanks to the Organizing and Advisory committees (YeAbsira Zewde Besu Bk @Rahawity @Semhar @Amha Krish Murti Mali Phonpadith Tebabu Assefa Yetnayet Demessie Eric Rasch and many more) and volunteers on the big day. And, our guest of honors, AU Ambassador to the US, our keynote speaker Admiral Helena, speakers such as Dr. Abebaw, and Prince Joshua Oyeniyi, our panelists (@Samson @Matthew @Viola), and those who shared their amazing stories such as Chiko Barnabas Abengowe, Omekongi, and Julian, and the fabulous MC Bofta Yimam.

When Congress Joe Neguse’s statement was read. You can read his full statement by clicking here…
H.E. Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, African Union Ambassador to the US, video message from Addis Ababa. You can watch her video message by clicking here…

We appreciate the efforts put by our amazing videographers @Nebiyu and @Asmamaw (Lob Video Productions and Mela Productions). The video footage is getting ready… Photo credit goes to Matt Andrea! Thank you, Matt, for these professional photos. Thanks also for all our sponsors (please see the banner to acknowledge our wonderful sponsors), and all of you who came to attend the conference. It was beautiful because of the teams behind it and you who made it colorful.

County Executive of Montgomery County, where PRO Leadership is based, Marc Elrich

Those in Addis, don’t get jealous 🙂 The hard-working team in Addis Ababa is working hard to launch this Initiative on the soil of Africa, Addis Ababa- the seat of African Union on July 17th @2 – 6pm at AAU. Those of you in Addis get ready, mark your calendar, volunteer, sponsor, share, and invite others. Stay tuned for more info about the Addis launching conference…

Guest of Honors Councilmen Tom Hucker and Will Jawando, and Mali Phonpadith- CEO of SOAR Community Media Network

What is next? The May 29th and July 17th are conferences to launch the Initiatives that aim at raising competent leaders in Africa- especially the youth and women by engaging the diaspora, who can transform the beautiful continent whose hour has come to shine in one generation. We have already designed some projects toward implementing the Initiative one community at a time. We have also got some initial strategic partners to support the successful implementation of this Initiative.

Keynote Speaker, Rear Admiral Helena O. Mishoe (PhD, MPH) (Ret)

What about you? If you are an individual who would like to see Africa’s redemption and transformation once for all, you should join this movement. Let’s know if you are interested in volunteering and supporting the Initiative. If you have an organization that empowers youth, women and engages the diaspora, be one of our strategic partners. Whether you are a local, national, continental or international organization involved in bringing sustainable development in Africa, we can team up to empower the organizational and leadership capacity of your team and the local community leaders whom you are serving. Let’s meet, discuss to identify some potential areas to team up, and sign a memorandum of understanding and begin transforming lives, and in turn, communities, and nations in Africa.


Leadership makes or breaks. No country, community, or organization or family has ever experienced true and lasting transformation without having the right and competent leaders at all levels. The more competent leaders we have at the grassroots level, the more transformation and the quicker we can get it. This must be the generation that takes Africa to the next height and unleashes her untapped potential, and you are part of this generation and meant to play your fair share toward the transformation of our beloved continent. Reach out to us if you may have any questions or suggestions.

Will Yemi Jawando, Councilmember of Montgomery County
Mali Phonpadith, Advisor
Tebabu Asefa, Advisor
Dr. Assegid Habtewold, Founder of PRO Leadership
Nebiyu, MELA Productions
Asmamaw (Lob Productions) and Nebiyu (MELA Productions) with the founder
Asmamaw, Lob Video Productions
Organizing committee behind the success of this launching event
Yeabsira Zewidie, Introducing panelists
Master of Ceremonies, Bofta Yimam
Rahwity Haile, Introducing African success story speakers
Julian Kiganda, Transformational Brand Strategist
Dr. Abebaw Y. Adamu, Director of Ethiopian Institute for Higher Education
Guest Speaker from Africa, Joshua Oyeniyi
Dr. Omekongo Dibinga, Director of UPstander International
Chiko Abengowe, CEO/Founder of Perfect Staffing Solutions, LLC

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