Volunteers Registration for July 17th, 2019 Addis Ababa Conference

About PRO Leadership Global Inc:
Founded in 2009, PRO Leadership Global is a tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization based in Maryland, USA. PRO Leadership PROmotes leadership, PROduces leaders to bridge the leadership gaps (Geographic, Gender, and Generational leadership gaps) to tackle the major ills of the world one community at a time. To learn more, check its website at www.proleadership.org

As we work hard to make the July 17th, 2019 launching conference in Addis Ababa, we opened our doors to volunteers like you to be part of this effort. Below are the benefits of volunteering. Once you read the benefits, if you find them beneficiary, please click the link at the bottom of this page, which takes you to Google form. Once you sign up, the coordinator will reach out to you for further instructions.

Benefits of Volunteering:
Even if volunteering for the upcoming conference is pro bono, there are some benefits you may gain as you support the successful completion of the launching conference on July 17th, 2019 @AAU. Some of the following are the major benefits:

  1. During the period of your volunteer work, you will learn some leadership lessons as you fulfill your obligation, interact with the Organizing Committee, and the Founder of PRO Leadership. This, in turn, enables you to take your leadership to the next height.
  2. Since this initiative to bridge the leadership gaps in Africa is an ongoing and will continue in the coming years and decades until the leadership gaps in Africa bridged, you will be given priority to join the programs of the Initiative. These leadership programs are hands-on, transformational, and will empower you to succeed in your personal life and career. You will be given certifications as you complete these programs.
  3. If you perform well during this volunteer work and successfully complete the first one-day intensive leadership workshop, you will be given a chance to attend the Train the Trainers program to be certified as a trainer to provide the programs of this Initiative in the future.
  4. If you perform well during this volunteer work and attend some of the certification programs of this Initiative, you will have a chance to join the organization as a leader, and play active participation in the upcoming projects in Ethiopia and the rest of the continent. You may involve in leading, managing, designing, and/or delivering some of the programs around the country and in Africa.
  5. Last but not least, PRO Leadership has ten years of experience in leadership. It’s a tax-exempt non-profit in the US and also has a Consultative Status at UN ECOSOC. Volunteering for such an organization and getting a certificate of acknowledgment for being a volunteer for this upcoming launching conference boosts your resume.
  6. You also get a chance to meet like-minded new people and expand your network.
  7. Many more.

Volunteers needed:
The following area the volunteer positions and number of volunteers that we need

  1. Social Media Promoters, these are social media savvy who use the flyer and Eventbrite page link (https://bridingthegapsaddisconference.eventbrite.com) to drive people to register for the event (> 10 volunteers)
  2. Ambassadors of the event, those who go out on a consistent basis from now until the conference date to attend some events and gatherings in Addis to share the flyer and use platforms and opportunities to talk about the event with the hope they may attract more attendees (> 10 volunteers)
  3. Sponsor Hunters, these volunteers have the experience to get sponsorships (5 volunteers)
  4. Audio Visual Techies(AV), these have the technical experience to take care of the AV, laptop, and other setups (2 Volunteers)
  5. Ushers, these include friendly young men and women who direct participants from the gate to the room and those who spread in the room to assist attendees, and so on. (> 10 volunteers)
  6. Refreshment Servers, these help the sponsors who provide refreshment and also those who may need to buy, set up and serve refreshments (5 volunteers)
  7. Registrars (6 volunteers). We need at least three tables for registration, two volunteers per table, to avoid long lines at the door.
  8. Banner and other sign fixers, we need dedicated individuals who bring, setup, and dismantle the banner and other signs (2 volunteers)
  9. Sponsors Helpers, these are volunteers who set up the volunteer tables and assist them (4 volunteers)

Among these 9 where do you think you fit the best? Make that choice by filling the Google form and let’s know your first, second, and third choices. If we couldn’t assign you for your first choice, we would try to assign you the second or third choice.

Click here to sign up at Google Form

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