Report: New Breed Leaders of Africa- Cohort A1 (pics)

The Bridging the Leadership Gaps in African was launched in the US on May 29th, 2019 in a very colorful way. Click here to read the report of the launching conference with some pics. We have also begun implementing the Initiative in the diaspora where we trained the first batch New Breed Leaders of Africa (Cohort D1, D represents Diaspora) on July 6th, 2019 in Maryland, US.

The Initiative was also launched on the soil of Africa in Addis Ababa- the seat of African Union, on July 17th, 2019 at Addis Ababa University. Click here to read the brief report of the launching conference in Addis (pics and video clip).

As part of implementing the Initiative in Africa starting from Ethiopia- the seat of the AU, the 1-day first New Breed Leaders of Africa leadership development workshop was conducted in Addis on July 20th, 2019.

Though we had overwhelming requests to join the New Breed Leaders of Africa Cohort A1 (A stands for Africa), we only accepted a limited number of candidates. The session was dynamic and interactive. There were story sharing, metaphors, pairing, small, large group discussions, and also role-plays and video clips. The main topics of the session were- Mind set, Skill set, and Charcater set.

In the end, the Founding Mothers and Fathers of the New Breed Leaders of Africa program signed vow pledging to meet certain standards and keep meeting as new breed leaders of Africa who decided to go out and play their fair share in raising 1 million New Breed Leaders of Africa like themselves to transform Africa in one generation.

The Managing Director of Center for African Leadership Development, Ahadu Gebereamalk awarded the certificates and concluded the workshop by giving a powerful and inspiration remark encouraging graduates to stretch themselves, to be uncomfortable about the status quo to continue grow first themselves before they go out to empower other New Breed Leaders of Africa one person at a time.

The next program is Train the Trainers (TOT) here in Addis. More details will soon be shared.

If you are passionate about empowering youth and women in Africa and in the diaspora; if you care about seeing Africa experience lasting transformation in one generation; if you would like to make history and be part of the movement that vowed to end what makes beautiful Africa and its wonderful people suffer, this is time to join the Initiative.

You can become a strategic partner and contribute your fair share as we implement the Initiative to raise 1 million New Leaders of Africa in one generation who have the right mind set, the necessary skill set, and solid character set mandatory to undertake this golden and once in a generation assignment in the area where you have competitive and comparative advantages. Reach out to us and let’s hear from you. You can join the Initiative as a volunteer, and by attending our programs starting from the mandatory and foundational program- New Breed Leaders of Africa.

We have follow-up intermediary and advanced Leadership Development certification programs for those who passed through the foundational program. We have also Supportive programs to support graduates such as Cohorts, Train the Trainers (TOT), Mentoring Programs, Media Prgrams, Representative Offices, regional PRO Clubs, and more. Where do you fit? Where could you add value? Where could you become a strategic partner? Where could you step up to make a difference? Let’s know…

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