Leadership workshop at Montgomery College on September 21st, 2019

PRO Leadership in partnership with Montgomery Sister Cities arranged a one day interactive and dynamic certificate leadership workshop on Saturday, Sep 21, 2019, at Montgomery College Takoma Park campus Commons Building Room 211 as part of implementing Bridging the Leadership Gaps in Africa. The Initiative aims at raising 1 million New Breed Leaders of Africa who shoulder the responsibilities to transform Africa once and for all in one generation. The Initiative was launched here in the US on May 29 2019. Click here to read the report of the launching.

The Initiative was also launched on the soil of Africa. In partnership with Addis Ababa University (AAU), the Initiative was launched on July 17 2019 at AAU. Click here to read the report…

We have also begun implementing the Initiative both in the US among the African diaspora and in Africa starting from Ethiopia. Below are some links to learn more:

Graduates of the Montgomery College Workshop will be the second Cohort (D2). By the way, on top of this foundational program, we have designed other intermediary and advanced leadership programs designed to continue to empower those leaders who determined to commit themselves for their leadership growth. Here are some of the requirements to join this first program on September 21st, 2019. Someone who:

  1. Believes in the mission, vision, and values of PRO Leadership and the goals and objectives of the Initiative
  2. Commits for the successful implementation of the Initiative, which may take years, if not a couple of decades
  3. Abides by the principles and standards that govern the New Breed Leaders of Africa which will be taught adequately in the initial and subsequent programs
  4. Invests in his/her leadership growth on a consistent basis including but not limited to attending the future intermediary and advanced leadership programs
  5. Remains alumni and continue to fellowship with fellow New Breed Leaders of Africa
  6. Participates in raising other leaders and actively involved in the other support programs of the Initiative

Below are some of the benefits of joining the Initiative and attending its first program. You will:

  1. Learn lots of latest leadership insights, models, tools, and approaches that would empower you to succeed in your personal life, career, and business
  2. Meet and continue to work with like-minded leaders
  3. Earn a certification with the designation ‘New Breed Leader of Africa’
  4. Eligible to participate in the future programs of the Initiative
  5. Get a chance to be a trainer by participating in the Train the Trainers program so that you will be able to provide this program to your community, and in turn, keep raising other New Breed Leaders of Africa
  6. And many other benefits

If you agree with the above requirements, you may now register to be considered as a candidate to join other New Breed Leaders of Africa on Saturday, September 21, 2019. Please note that the nature of the program doesn’t allow us to take a large number of participants, 40 max. We have very limited spots. We accept candidates on first come first served basis. However, if you couldn’t make it this round, you will get priority to join the program in the next round.

If you may have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via email amhawoldemeskel@gmail.com or give us a call @703-465-9006

By the way, this first batch Leadership Program is going to be facilitated by Dr. Assegid Habtewold, who has over ten years experience facilitating interactive workshops by following the latest adult learning principles for some government agencies, major corporations, and community organizations. To learn more about his background and experience, click here…

To register and reserve your seat, go to Eventbrite: https://leadershipworkshopmcsistercities.eventbrite.com

Click here to see the tentative program…

Parking info:

You will be fine to park in the East Garage in any unmarked student/visitor spaces. There will be no parking permits needed. Please do NOT park in spaces that are labeled for “Faculty/Staff Only”. Any student spaces, levels 3-5, in the garage are fine. Also, as a friendly reminder, any metered spaces around the campus are controlled by the county parking enforcement and not the college.

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