The 1st Cohort Monthly meeting in Addis

One of the features that make the Bridging the Leadership Gaps in Africa Initiative unique is its support system such as Training of Trainers (TOT) and Monthly cohort meetings.

The first graduates of the New Breed Leaders of Africa program met on Sep 15, 2019, to conduct their 1st monthly meeting. They covered different programs such as book review, presentations, training on goal setting, auditioning, feedback, and more.

Leadership competency cannot be developed overnight by one or a couple of days of training alone. It takes constant growth. In this regard, the first cohort in Addis (Cohort A1, A stands for Africa) conducted its first monthly cohort meeting to grow together, and also prepare to duplicate themselves by training their peers. That is how we could reach the 1 million New Breed Leaders of Africa mark in one generation. Graduates attend our TOT program and then go out to deliver the same program in their organizations and communities, and in turn raise more New Breed Leaders of Africa. A huge milestone…

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