Why do we need to be mindful and self-aware leaders in the 21st C? (video clip)

While the 21st C is bombarding us with excessive info some of which are ‘mindless’, maybe we have one savior that may rescue us, our profession, community, and/organization- to be a little bit more mindful. I don’t claim that I’m better than anyone about self-awareness or mindfulness. I’m work in progress and invested in increasing my self-awareness and mindfulness consistently.

I was live sharing why is this important, what are the challenges, what individual professionals, leaders, teams, and organizations benefit from creating a personality and culture of mindfulness, and how to develop mindfulness, and more, I arranged this because I saw interest from many people during a recent Summit where I was a part of. The theme was The Future of Leadership and our panel’s topic was Mindfulness in leadership. The summit was organized by SOAR Community Network. I thought you too may want to know a little more and get inspired to take your awareness and mindfulness to the next level, and in return be in charge of your life and be more productive.

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