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The new century is for Africa. Regardless of your age and geographic location, you’re called to be that generation. That generation that transforms Africa in one generation: New Breed Leaders of Africa.

Though Africa is facing so many challenges, she has been shown some encouraging signs of progress. What is more? Especially in recent years, there are some signs of hope that show the continent is heading toward her lasting transformation. You don’t want to miss this golden opportunity to be part of this historic movement. You need to take leadership initiatives in the area of your passion and where you can add unique values.

You may already know that I’m working toward publishing a book that demonstrates the importance of bridging the leadership gaps by raising youth and women leaders who shoulder the responsibility to take Africa to the next level. The book will be published during this year’s annual leadership conference. It offers some insights, statistics, stories, approaches, and leadership development programs necessary to raise the New Breed Leaders of Africa.

You may also already know that PRO Leadership, I’m part of its leadership, launched an Initiative in 2019 both in the diaspora and on the soil of Africa. If this is your first time to hear about PRO Leadership or don’t know about its history, you should check out this video clip where I explained when and why PRO Leadership was formed, what we have been doing since its establishment, and about the Initiative. By the way, we have begun implementing the first and foundational program of the Initiative called New Breed Leaders of Africa starting from Addis Ababa, the seat of the African Union.

If you are an experienced leader with some track record and/or a learning professional both in the diaspora or back home in Africa and would like to participate in raising the next generation African leaders, reach out to us. We can share with you the materials of the program plus train you virtually as a trainer to provide the same program in your respective country, organization, school, and so on.

While I’m finalizing the book and PRO Leadership teams both in the US and Addis working hard to do great things in the New Year, I decided to serve those of you who are committed to engaging with me on Facebook. Just created a group you should belong to.

We can use this group to exchange ideas, learn together, and develop our mind set, skill set, and character set regularly. Leadership development, like gardening, requires constant effort from each one of us, and I’m giving you another chance in the group. Use this platform to take your leadership to the next height and play your fair share in transforming first your life, career, community, and ultimately Africa in one generation together with other fellow New Breed Leaders of Africa.

To join this group, no requirement. You could be one of our graduates or leaders of PRO Leadership, Advisor, Volunteer or someone who is interested to grow in the area of leadership. Whatever the case may be, you can join the group for free and get the following:

  1. Weekly blog post
  2. Regular educational video clips
  3. Social media quotes and short posts
  4. Opportunities to engage in vibrant discussion with your fellow New Breed Leaders of Africa and myself.

To begin with, join the Facebook Group created for this purpose. Going forward, I encourage you to comment, ask questions, and also share your perspectives and stories.

Sign up for the email list below. When you sign up, you will get new blogs, excerpts in PDF format, and educational video clips when they become available.

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Note: Please don't join the group or sign up if you aren't serious and willing to actively engage in the coming years and decades.

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