Webinar- New Africa, New Mindset

You cannot put new wine into an old wineskin as the saying goes. Likewise, you cannot take your leadership anywhere worthy without having the right mindset. Mindset drives your leadership. It sits on the driver’s seat of leadership. Africa needs youth and women leaders who have the mindset that matches the challenges the continent faces.

Africa has so many challenges, and its children are trying their level best to transform the continent.

There are lots of local, national, and regional efforts toward transforming Africa such as building infrastructure, transportation networks, technology, and so on. Most importantly, there are regional integrations that are going on. These are critical and these efforts must be intensified and continue.

PRO Leadership vowed to play its part toward the true transformation of Africa through leadership development by adding one additional layer on top of the ongoing transformation efforts. The organization aims at empowering the youth and women who are designing and implementing these transformational efforts. As much as Africa needs quality infrastructure, for instance, it also needs leaders who have the right mindset to build and run these infrastructures.

As the saying goes, everything rises and falls on leadership. Without having the right leaders with the right mindset from top to bottom, Africa’s chance to experience lasting transformation in this generatioon is slim, if not impossible.

That is why PRO Leadership came up with an Initiative that focuses on three major leadership development areas: Mind set, Skill set, and Character set. It has launched the Initiative last year and began providing programs both in the Diaspora and back in Africa.

This coming Saturday on August 1, 2020, PRO Leadership arranged a webinar on the theme New Africa, New Mindset: The mindset mandatory to experience true transformation. For details and attend, check the flyer below:

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