VoL magazine featured Communication in Leadership

Dear Partners,

PRO Leadership’s Voice of Leadership- VoL quarterly magazine in its third edition featured the theme “Communication in Leadership”.

In this edition, you will find great articles, stories, tips, and interviews. Below are the topics and their contributors:

  • Editorial, Assegid Habtewold
  • Leaders, Public Speakers, and Tourists in Paris- Connected by Fluency, Steven Honegger
  • Interview, Lakeisha McKnight
  • Tips for Effectively Confronting Disruptive Behavior: No Way Out But Through, Carolee Noury
  • Communicate Your Ideas With IMPACT to Lead Effectively, Sylvia Henderson
  • Interview, Alix Moore
  • The roles of communication strategy in bridging communication gaps and ensuring smooth communication within an organization, Sharon Green
  • Communication really begins in our brains, Helene Sugarman

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If you would like to contribute toward the upcoming theme, click here to read details. 

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