Leadership Development Workshop for YEP’s Leadership and Volunteers


ShimYEP- Young Ethiopian Professionals, requested PRO Leadership to provide a train to its leaders and volunteers on some leadership development topics. Accordingly, on October 26 2013, PRO Leadership’s volunteers facilitated a workshop on four themes at the library of Arlington, VA: Who is the leader and what is leadership, Visioning, Communication, and Teambuilding.

The first session attempted to answer questions such as what is the correct definition of leadership, who is the leader, what are the most important leadership attributes a leader needs to succeed continually, and more.

The second session addressed questions such as what is vision, how do you know when you have a compelling vision, what is the process of envisioning, what are the tools you can use as you articulate your vision, challenges that prevent the formation and fruition of a true vision, what are the indicators to measure the progress of your vision, and so on.



The place of communication in leadership, the three triads of communication, the various forms of communication, barriers of effective communication, cross cultural communication competency, and more were covered during the third session.

The fourth session addressed the significance of teamwork, why teams fail, evolution of team formation, criteria to recruit team members, considerations as you lead and manage your team, and how to measure the progress of your team.

At the end of each session, there were group discussions, and question and answer sessions.

Here is an excerpt video from the first section (Who is the Leader, and what is Leadership?): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czHdFtkp7C4

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