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BEaPROOne of the opportunities we would like to offer to our Supporters (PROs) is the opportunity to join one of our PROs Clubs. We pledge to provide empowering atmosphere that enables PROs to grow in their leadership. The Clubs also play a significant role in advancing our tax-exempt mission, and expanding our reach and support base.

Forming your own PROs Club is very easy: meet the requirements of PROs Clubs Charter. Through out the process of forming, growing, and nurturing your Club, you have the guidance and support of our Supporters Care Office.  You can establish a PROs Club with a minimum of 7 people. You can give your Club a unique name, and decide whether it should be open or closed. You can also determine many other aspects of your club such as electing your officers, choosing the place, frequency, and timing of your meetings…

The Clubs operate under the motto of “Be a PRO”. We aim at providing the atmosphere where link-minded PROs meet once in a while to encourage one another, grow together, and become true PROs. These Clubs are the places where PROs will meet to mingle and share their leadership experiences, exchange leadership insights, methods, tools, and books. In the near future, we have a plan to open a couple of tracks such as Leadership, Book Review, Outreach, Communication, Writing, and so on. We will award certificates for those who complete these tracks. More details will come soon…

At this juncture, we are finalizing the launch of the first two PROs Clubs in MD, VA, and another one in DC in the near future. If you live in the metro area and would like to join these Clubs, there may be a few slots available that please contact us. We want our Clubs size to be smaller because every PRO should get enough opportunities to participate at each monthly (or once per two months) meeting. The tentative dates to launch the Clubs in VA and MD are on November 30, and December 07 2013, respectively. There will be door prize. We have limited openings for those of you who would like to join these first two clubs. You may contact Drs. Paulos Balcha (202-230-7304) or Assegid Habtewold (703-895-4551) to check if there’re more slots and also learn the time and place. If you’re in VA, you may contact Zebiba Jibreel (240-604-0065) or Kassegne Habtamu (919-271-8166).

The few spots may quickly be filled. However, if seven of you come together, we will help you form your own PROs Club (here in the metro area, and beyond). There are some tracks members can choose from, pursue as per their own pace, and receive certificates upon their completion. If you’re a seasoned leader, you may not be interested to pursue one of these tracks; you may use this opportunity to pay back to your community by mentoring emerging leaders in the area of your specialty.

Team PRO Leadership!

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