VOL Magazine featured Character in Leadership

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VoLBannerForWebPRO Leadership’s Voice of Leadership- VoL quarterly magazine in its fourth edition featured the theme “Character in Leadership”.

In this edition, you will find great articles, stories, and interviews. Below are the topics and their contributors:



  • Madiba: What manner of character, Assegid Habtewold
  • Interview, Daryl Green
  • Character drives leadership, Bob Krone
  • Character traits to look in both poor and good leaders, R. Kenny Leblanc
  • Interview, Sharon Green
  • Does character moves your ideas?, Sylvia Henderson
  • A retirement party reveals character in leadership, Steven Honegger
  • Interview, John Betterson Jr.
  • Character in leadership, Yolanda Mullings
  • Strength of Character: Why it matters for leaders?, Mona Singleton
  • Interview, Brian O’Brien
  • Character is essential for good leadership, Cornell Jenkins
  • “Character” in Leadership, Carla Blue
  • Interview, Kassegne Habtamu

To read the magazine, click here.

If you would like to contribute toward those themes that will be featured in 2014, checkout this link for detail: https://proleadership.org/?page_id=128

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