VOL Podcast on Leadership Under Adversity- V2I1 March 2014

Rob_PicDr. Assegid Habtewold of PRO Leadership interviewed Robert Brown Jr. about Leadership Under Adversity.


Here are the questions:

1.     What are some prime examples of leadership in your opinion?

2.     What separates leadership under adversity from mere leadership?

3.     In your opinion, can a leader who has never faced adversity truly be considered a leader?

4.     What is it about adversity that makes a leader a better leader?

5.     If adversity makes one a better leader, should leaders wish to face adversity in their positions of leadership?  Why or why not?

6.     Do you consider yourself a leader who has faced adversity before?

7.     Can you give our listeners some examples of leaders who have faced adversity before and failed?

8.     What lessons can we learn from the failures of those leaders who faced adversity? 

9.     What should a leader do when they are in the midst of facing adversity and feel as if though they are failing?

10.  What can people who aspire to become leaders in their organizations, churches, communities, and governments do right now to prepare themselves for the adversity they may face in future leadership positions?

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