Leadership is a journey…where are you going?

CarlaLeaders have an enormous responsibility to effectively lead in an exemplary manner.  Leadership can be an amazing journey, especially when you know where you are going.  Can you imagine putting your trust in the Captain of a beautiful cruise ship with a beach destination, only to learn that you are 20 hours off course because the directions were off just “a TAD”?  A “tad” is a very small adjustment or change in direction.  This small change can be positive or negative.

Small adjustments in your thinking will completely change your direction.  As leaders, our decisions impact our destiny.  Therefore, we must be aware of our THOUGHTS because our thoughts will impact our ACTIONS.   Every action we take along this leadership and life journey will ultimately impact our DESTINY!

Many would agree that having great character, commitment to excellence, self-mastery, vision and courage, just to name a few, are necessary to be a great leader. However, the ability to quickly identify when a correction is needed is as critical to a leader’s success.  Adapting quickly and overcoming obstacles requires a leader to pay attention to details, become a thought leader, and take strategic and decisive actions towards correction or re-direction — sometimes just a TAD.  Being able to master these skills can create a platform for a successful journey.  Even with the best intensions, it’s easy to get off course.

So, remember:

When you change your thoughts; you change your actions;

When you change your actions; you change your destiny! 

A famous writer once said that our thoughts are the ancestors of the deeds.  I will add, that our deeds, are the ancestors of our destiny.  We must identify what kind of leaders we are being to better predict what kind of people we are becoming.  Periodically conducting a “character check” will start the process of shifting your leadership         a TAD to make sure you don’t veer off too far in the wrong direction.

There are famous examples, like Tiger Woods, that illustrates the importance of “a TAD”.  If Tiger Woods’ father allowed him to give up as a child because of self-doubt; or he decided to take acting classes; or change his swing just “a TAD” to the left or right we wouldn’t know Tiger Woods as the great player who changed the game of golf.  The Williams sisters are another example that “a TAD” would have changed tennis history. If they suffered from low self-esteem, negative self-talk, or hit the ball just “a TAD” slower, the world would not know them as phenomenal tennis players.

Leadership isn’t a spectator sport.  Playing all out is being committed to excellence and making a difference.  Like sports, a leader is a coach.  During the game, the coach may have to make minor adjustments, “shift the game plan “a TAD” to help the team win.  Self-correction is a form of self-mastery and an act of self-discipline.  It requires a commitment to excellence.  Play to the end and be ready and willing to Shift a TAD!

About the author:
Carla D. Blue, is the Founder and CEO of  i.C.A.R.E. Solutions, LLC, a company dedicated to creating successful business solutions for organizations and communities.  Carla is a retired Deputy Fire Chief with more than 20 years of solutions based, results focused and people driven leadership.  She capitalizes on the “power of the people” to drive, create and implement global solutions for future success.  Carla provides state of the art training, extensive team building, and proven results.   As a PRO Leadership Board of Director and Secretary of the Board, she will provide professional support related to effective leadership practices for the 21st century.

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