Leading Change by Reproducing Leadership in Others by Timothy Rodriguez

TimA true leader understands the value and need for personal growth and development.  Effective leaders cultivate an environment that welcomes change and eventually brings out real change in the actions and behaviors of those under their leadership.   Effective leaders facilitate the change process, overcome resistance, and encourage others to embrace change rather than fear change.  An active leader provides support, motivation, and strategies to guide the change process.  Life is constantly evolving gradually from simple to complex and vice versa.  Life begins to move you forward into positions you may not be expecting or anticipating.  For this reason, a leader holds an important responsibility in the change process…anticipate, inspire, embrace and lead.

A true leader continues to evolve and understands that leadership is not a destination, but a journey.  Leaders inspire others to follow, engage in activities that refine and fine-tune their leadership acumen and attributes.  More importantly, they demonstrate behaviors and principles of good moral conduct and character, which capture the minds of people and inspire them to follow.  A famous speaker once said that good leadership does not always start at the front, as mayors, presidents, CEO’s or as managers; it starts at the back as servants.

Actions of great leaders:

  • Make followers,
  • Help others grow as faithful followers,
  • Communicate effectively,
  • Inspire and equip others for the next task,
  • Work in a respectful and collegial relationship with members, staff, and volunteers.

As a visionary leader, one must reproduce leadership in others.  Leaders must learn how to mentor leaders so that they, in turn, go on to generate more leaders.  A wise leader takes actions to inspire others to join together, follow, and pursue collective goals and actions.  They provide three major and important components: a) the ability to be structured, b) receive instruction, and c) allow formation in their lives.

Every human being needs structure, even when they are in their mother’s womb.  Many people never achieve their fullest potential or proper growth because they do not accept structure.  We all receive structure whether at school, home, work, in our cars, or places we visit.  As leaders we must embrace change and structure in order to advance forward successfully. People who struggle with either or both, will become limited and not reach and operate within their gifts and talents.  I always say a building without structure will crumble much faster and easier when challenges occur.

After having received structure, we are ready to receive instruction.  May I remind you, that those who have no structure will not welcome change because they are stuck in an old way of thinking.  Many people now days seek instruction from technology, copy others, which makes them a shadow of someone or something.  You will always find someone to mentor you and instruct you in the areas that you are weak or need improvement.  Many don’t care about instruction; they want it now and fast.  We can’t build on instant relationships.  We cultivate those relationships, which come our way to instruct us for the better.

Once receiving structure and instruction, we can move into formation.  Here is where the character of a leader begins to be formed – attitude, mentality, moral principles, work habits, ethics, fundamentals, and integrity.  We may possess a world of information but lack formation and leadership skills to lead others.  After all, information is not the same as formation.  Therefore, a leader must seek and accept structure, instruction, and formation daily, which will lead to a successful career, filled of longevity and legacy.

In conclusion, the best example I can share is the story of the “Eagle”.  The eaglet at first receives structure in the nest.  In their young stage the eagle does not know they were chosen to be the kings of the air, to operate and live in greater heights, and that they were born to rise as great leaders and rulers.  As they grow, they receive instruction from the parent in regards to who they are.  They are being prepared for their jump into destiny. Finally, they are ready for formation.  The parents begin to instruct them on how to fly and leave the nest on their own.  The final push out of the nest becomes the greatest lesson from the parents. Now they are ready to make their debut and soar to new heights.  Eagles were taught to fly with eagles and dwell in the heights.  You and I have been born to soar to new heights and become great leaders.  Having mastered these three steps, you will be ready to step out without fear and lead change.

About the author:
Timothy Rodriguez is a native of El Salvador, and migrated to Long Island New York at the age of 10.  In 2002, he graduated from Molloy College, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Education.  He also completed a Minor in Spanish and is currently pursuing his Master Degree in religious studies.  Since 2008, Rodriguez has committed his life to serving the needs of others. He is also a soccer coach in the DC district. Rodriguez is a proud Father to his “princess” Elise Rose Rodriguez. In his free time, Rodriguez enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports, reading, reflecting, teaching, running, and playing his guitar.

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