VOL Volume 3, Issue 2: Embracing the Next Generation Conference Report, Video Footages, and Proposals

Dear Partners,
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PRO Leadership’s Voice of Leadership- VoL in its Volume 3 Issue 2 edition featured the results of PRO Leadership’s Annual Leadership Conference entitled “Embracing the Next Generation”.




Keynote Speaker 2 

In this edition, we would like to share with you the following info about the event:

1. Conference Report with some pics

2. Excerpt Video Footages

3. Project Proposals

Once again, we are thankful to all speakers, volunteers, sponsors, and participants. The conference wouldn’t have been successful without your support.

The report details what went down. If you missed the conference, the report gives you the glimpse of the event with some beautiful pics.

We are grateful to ESAT for creating a video ad, video recording the conference, andbroadcasting the coverage of the event via Satellite to the Middle East and Africa, plus for posting the video footages on its website. The coverage includes brief interviews with some of the speakers and panelists. The video was posted this past Wednesday. Over 11 thousand people have already viewed it from ESAT’s website.

As per our discussion, please read the brief description of the five projects that were proposed at the end of the conference from our website, and let’s know how you would like to involve. Below are the contact info to send us your preference: 

Email: assegidh@gmail.com

Tel: 703-895-4551

Note: Because of battery and SD card issues, the last parts of the conference such as the panel discussion weren’t recorded. Thus, the video footages from that parts of the conference couldn’t be included into the video excerpt. Apology to all panelists. 

Best regards!

Team PRO Leadership

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