Community forums to cope with anxiety and build resilience

Local community organizations including PRO Leadership are going to organize three community awareness forums in the DC Metro area.

These community organizations recognized the fact that uncertain times are in the horizon in the US and in Ethiopia.

They are convinced that they should arrange such platforms to prepare Ethiopian-Americans to cope with the anxiety that followed the recent US election, and ultimately to build the resilience of our community for such uncertain times.

The first forum is going to be on this coming Saturday Nov 26, 2016  between 3 – 6 pm.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

Don’t forget, you’re born to lead, and this challenging time calls upon you to step up your game as a leader.

Take leadership wherever your talent and experience is needed. But first, come and equip yourself to strengthen yourself so that you could be able to strengthen and support others.

For more info, checkout the flyer below:


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