Becoming an inclusive leader

Successful leaders are those who are confident enough that they are not threatened when diverse views and ideas are expressed within their organizations.

They, on purpose, promote diversity of viewpoints. They are inclusive who entertain ‘organized disagreements’ knowing that such an organization enjoys a great deal of benefit from the collision of diverse ideas.

For their organizations (whether they are for profit, non-profits, charitable organizations, political parties, NGOs, etc.) to innovate and continuously improve and grow- they pay the necessary price. Some of the prices include but not limited to swallowing their egos, willing to listen, and open to be corrected when they are wrong, and when their ideas and proposals are inferior.

Your country, community, and the world at large needs confident leaders in the New Year who are willing to design within their organizations organized disagreements, entertain diverse views, and who are willing to tolerate outliers within their organizations.

Such leaders, rather than attempting to build cult and monotonous collection of ‘yes’ men and women, they are committed to the higher purpose of the organization and to the Greater Good by allowing people to speak their minds!

What kind of leader do you want to be? What will be your legacy? Do you want to be remembered as a control freak dictator? If you’re not in a leadership position right now, what kind of leaders are you supporting?

If you would like to become an inclusive leader, break away from this tradition of intimidating dissenters. Purposefully invite people that may not agree with you all the time.

Create a culture that promotes diversity and embrace inclusiveness if your desire is to tap into the talent, uniqueness, and experience of all of your people!

Wish you in the New Year success as you attempt to become an inclusive leader who is willing to incentivize organized disagreements!

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