PRO Leadership, PRO Women!

Today, millions of people- the majority of whom are women, around the world marched to defend women’s rights. They chanted: “Women’s rights, human rights!”

Though women constitute more than half of their respective communities, shoulder 75% of responsibilities, women are paid less, and systematically denied taking leadership positions. This inequality and discrimination is sad and unacceptable in the 21st C. This injustice doesn’t just affect women alone but also their communities, organizations, and the entire human race. Each community and nation is paying dire prices for failing to empower women to take leadership in the areas of their passion…


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PRO Leadership aspires to bridge the gender leadership gap, in partnership with those who are working tirelessly to empower women, one community at a time!

PRO Leadership is PRO Women!


PRO Leadership Global Inc. ( is a non-profit organization based in Maryland, US. PRO Leadership PROmotes the right kind of Leadership, PROduces great leaders. PRO Leadership aspires to contribute its share in bridging the leadership gaps (including gender leadership gap) worldwide one community at a time. If you would like to support what we do, feel free to reach out to us, and be part of the movement.

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