Becoming PRO Change

Succeeding in the 21st C as a leader demands being PRO change. Unfortunately, PRO change leaders are short in supply. They’re one of the competitive advantages of their teams, organizations, and nations.

The goal of this blog is to inspire you join these few elite PRO change leaders.

You may ask, what are some of the characteristics of PRO change leaders? That is a legitimate question. Here are some of the features of PRO change leaders. They:

  • Truly love change.
  • Aren’t scared of change.
  • Thrive in the midst of disruptive change. They don’t attempt to just survive like other leaders.
  • Have both the hard and soft skills to initiate, implement, and sustain change.
  • Discern change ahead of the curve.
  • Boldly face change and use it to advance their mission and serve the people they lead.
  • Don’t wait for change to come, they create the necessary changes that they believe transform their people, organizations, and nations. While other leaders hesitate and say ‘wait and see’, PRO change leaders aren’t afraid to take risk.
  • Don’t tolerate mediocre results and lingering performance, they stretch their people, empower them to excel and achieve unparalleled results through continuous change.

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Here are a few questions for you:

  • Are you one of the NEW BREED leaders who are true change agents?
  • Do you understand that change happens frequently whether you like it or not, and the best way to handle change is to be friendly with it, and using it for your own advantage?
  • Have you developed both technical and soft skills necessary for you to empower your people make smooth transition through the different phases of change?
  • Do you dive into the future and anticipate the coming changes ahead of the crowd?
  • Are you futuristic to discern and meet the coming changes half way while other leaders are clueless of what is coming?

If you answered YES to these questions, you’re already a PRO change leader. If you answered NO to one of these questions, you need to develop the necessary attitude, mindset, and soft skills necessary to become PRO change leader; of course, if and only if your desire is to succeed as a leader and remain relevant in the 21st C.

PRO Leadership Global Inc. ( is a non-profit organization based in Maryland, US. PRO Leadership PROmotes the right kind of Leadership, PROduces great leaders. PRO Leadership aspires to contribute its share in bridging the leadership gaps worldwide one community at a time. If you would like to support what we do, feel free to reach out to us, and be part of the movement.

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