Impactful Leadership Begins With Self-leadership

Impactful leadership begins with self-leadership. The latter is the foundation for lasting and enduring leadership…

If you review history, you could be able to find out easily that leaders who left legacy were self-aware. They started their leadership journey off on the right foot.

Such leaders first led self well before they ventured out to lead others.

Unfortunately, many cultures nurture their inhabitants to seek leadership by conquering something, someone out there before they master self first.

Very few self-aware individuals, pay their dues by leading self prior to demanding follower-ship from others.

Self-aware leaders know:

1. Who they truly are.
2. Why they are here on this planet.
3. Their strengths,
4. Limitations, and
5. Blind spots.

Self-aware leaders first discovered who they are and why they were here on earth. Don’t forget, however, that their WHY is about serving others based on their uniqueness, talents, and gifting…

Most importantly, self-aware leaders go out each day to lead self toward pursing their mission. They are focused. Their singular preoccupation is to release their potential and die empty!

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In the process of leading self, however, they inspire and influence others through their commitment, example, and character.

Remember, self-aware leaders are not out there to impress, manipulate, and use others for their narrow agendas.

Self-aware leaders are not out there to feed their ego, and beg for applauds, and to seek mere recognition to feel good, even if what they do, at the end of the day, bring the attention, appreciation, and recognition from those they serve! But the latter aren’t what motivate them…

What is your motive to lead? Can you keep on serving even if you don’t get the admiration, recognition, and applauses of others?

You see, self-aware leaders are not out there to conquer and rule others in the name of leadership. They are on their lane. They don’t trip others and stumble by leaving their lane and crossing into the lanes of others.

It’s your choice.

Do you want to get fulfilled in life, and leave legacy that will remain intact long after you’re gone?

Well, begin by:

1. Knowing who you are,
2. Picking your unique lane, and
3. Leading self by serving others based on your passion, strength, and competitive advantage.

The point is: Don’t just go out there to lead others. Begin with self first.

Once you succeed to lead yourself well, the rest is easy.

Once you could be able to influence self enough, inspiring and influencing others won’t be that much challenging. It becomes your second nature…


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