Leaving no one behind from leading™

Many individuals think that they are not leaders, and therefore avoid taking leadership initiatives. Rather, they prefer to follow someone’s lead. In this challenging, competitive, and ever changing world, your community, organization, and nation cannot afford to depend on a few leaders at the top alone. The threatening situations we find ourselves in the 21st century demand all stakeholders at all levels playing leadership roles according to their job descriptions, talent, gift, and experience. That is why we think “No one should be left behind from leading”.

This package emphasizes that leadership is our birthright. It argues that each and every one of us is entitled to lead our unique destiny. There are a number of examples that are included here, which in turn show how many individuals in our history claimed their leadership birthright and because of that they left us legacies. There are also some individuals who despised all kinds of excuses common among humankind to lead and serve their generation.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to

1. Understand that leadership is their birthright,

2. Drop excuses such as I am too young, too old, or too incapacitated that deny them from taking leadership initiatives, and

3. Become proactive and take leadership to lead their unique destiny, and also serve the world around them.

Organizations that may benefit from this program:

1. Universities and High Schools

2. Churches and Ministries

3. Community Organizations

4. Organizations that work with the youth