Equipping yourself to lead™

Knowing that we are entitled to lead in the area of our passion doesn’t make us great leaders automatically. There are key leadership attributes we should develop and hone so that we may break through barriers, if there are any, adopt leadership as a life pattern, and bear the fruits of true leadership. There are, at least, nine leadership attributes that should be in the toolkit of every leader. It is a great disadvantage for leaders who aren’t aware the importance of these leadership attributes called the Nine Leadership Continuum.

Wouldn’t be nice to know the most important leadership qualities you need to develop at the early stage of your leadership? At what level you may be right now, this is a wonderful opportunity to be introduced (for some of you reintroduced) to these leadership continuums. This program is important for your leadership, especially for lower and middle level managers. However, seasoned leaders may also find it refreshing.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this program, participants will be to learn

1.   The most important leadership attributes they should acquire,

2.   Which of the leadership continuums they don’t have right now, and

3.   On how to develop, and hone these important leadership attributes.

Organizations that may benefit from this program:

1.     Businesses

2.   Churches and Ministries

3.     Associations

4.     Alumni

5.     Community Organizations