PRO Leadership Global Inc. is a non-profit organization established in Maryland-USA in 2009. PRO Leadership was formed to PROmote leadership and PROduce competent leaders to tackle the major challenges the world faces one community at a time. Since its establishment, PRO Leadership has been providing leadership development programs in the US focusing more on the immigrant communities in the DC metro area. It has been creating platforms, organizing annual leadership conferences, arranging workshops, and offering mentoring programs.

PRO Leadership is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization. It has consultative status with UN ECOSOC. PRO Leadership has also strategic partners both in the US and Africa.

In the past more than three years, while serving the immigrant communities here in the US, PRO Leadership has been working hard to launch an initiative that aims at bridging the leadership gaps in Africa. PRO Leadership is committed to raising competent you and women leaders by engaging the diaspora until Africa experiences true and lasting transformation in one generation.

I. Further explanation:

1. PROmoting Leadership
PRO Leadership PROmotes true leadership. Not all leaders are equal. That is why we are committed to raising authentic, credible, trustworthy, and competent leaders.

PRO Leadership PROmotes leadership as the birthright of all. Each individual has the potential to lead, first self, and then others toward achieving common goals. Though we believe that each individual is born to lead, we understand that leaders are not born into leadership. They need to grow to leadership. That is why we are committed to empowering leaders to develop the right mindset, skill set, and character.

Unfortunately, there are many barriers that keep millions, if not billions, at bay from claiming their birthright. That is why PRO Leadership raises awareness about the various barriers that prevent individuals from becoming leaders, and also equips individuals to break through these barriers to realize their leadership potential.

2. PROducing Leaders
The myriad challenges of the 21st C demand PROducing competent leaders. That is why PRO Leadership is committed to bridging the leadership gaps that exist around the world starting from Africa by PROducing competent leaders in partnership with other local, national, regional, and global stakeholders.

However, even if our vision is global and ambitious, we would like to start our assignment of bridging the leadership gaps one community at a time from Africa. Even then, we need to narrow our focus. As a result, we identified three major focus areas: 3G (Geographic, Gender, and Generational) Leadership gaps. We would like to invest the limited resources we have on these three areas of focus in partnership with other local, regional, and international strategic partners.

Leadership Gap 1: Geographic Leadership Gap
We have a leadership gap everywhere. However, with a simple fact that the more challenges there are, it is an indication that there exists a leadership gap. Accordingly, we acknowledged that compared to developed nations in the West and North, developing countries in the South and East- especially in Africa, need more leaders who can assist their corresponding community experiencing true and lasting transformation. Nations in the South, especially in Africa, need to build their organizational and leadership capacity to bridge the gaps. And we are here, together with our strategic partners, to support their efforts in raising new breed leaders and also empower the already existing leaders to overcome poverty, poor governance, diseases, and other major challenges.

Since the headquarter of PRO Leadership is in Maryland – USA, we would like to start bridging the geographic leadership gap starting from bridging the leadership gap that exists within the immigrant Diaspora communities in the US, starting from African immigrants. As resources become available and as we team up with other regional and local strategic partners, we’ll expand our services to reach out and serve countries in developing countries in Africa, Asia, and South America to raise New Breed Leaders that could tackle the major challenges in their respective community…

Leadership Gap 2: Gender Leadership Gap
Though they are more than half in number and shoulder the lion share responsibilities within their communities, women aren’t empowered to take leadership on many fronts. There are apparent and subtle discriminations against women for taking leads. We work to raise awareness (for both women and men) in the fight against both conscious and unconscious biases, and to empower women to develop leadership skills in the fight against the major ills in their respective communities starting from Africa.

Leadership Gap 3: Generational Leadership Gap
Millions of baby boomer leaders are retiring and about to retire soon. Unfortunately, organizations, communities, and nations haven’t prepared to fill this generational leadership gap. We aspire to provide leadership programs to bridge the generational leadership gap by inspiring and empowering emerging youth and student leaders so that they may begin playing their share to tackle the major ills in the world.

PRO Leadership is committed to contributing its fair share in bridging these leadership gaps starting from Africa in partnership with other stakeholders to tackle the chronic and acute challenges they face and seize the opportunities the 21st C presents. Will you join us? Will you be part of this movement? Together, we can bridge the leadership gaps and tackle the major challenges in the world one community at a time!!!

Note: PRO Leadership’s 2015 Annual Leadership Conference’s theme was Bridging the leadership gaps. It was held at Prince George’s Community College.

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3. How?
The 2ies process
To fulfill the above mandates and address the aforementioned challenges, PRO Leadership follows a simple process 2ies: Inspire, Inform, Empower, and Support.

3.1. Inspire: PRO Leadership aims at inspiring individuals to claim their leadership birthright and serve their communities, and organizations as leaders by arranging conferences and seminars.

3.2. Inform: PRO Leadership informs policy makers, key stakeholders, corporations, regional and international organizations the existing barriers that prevent millions, if not billions, from becoming leaders, and their roles to help individuals breakthrough and also bridging the leadership gaps by arranging press releases, advocacy works, and so on.

3.3. Empower: PRO Leadership empowers youth, women, and immigrants to become great leaders through trainings and workshops. We intend to provide technical (basic IT, Book Keeping, Resume Writing, Interviewing, and so on), business skills (How to Form your organization, Writing Business Plan, Crafting Strategic Plans, Business Writing, Proposal Writing, Branding, Interview Skill, Presentation Skill, etc.), and leadership and organizational development trainings and workshops (Communication Strategies, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Leading Change, Diversity and Inclusion, etc.) to empower community leaders, small business owners, activists, student and youth leaders, and so on.

3.4. Support: We provide continual support through blogs, articles, magazine, books, mentoring, arranging platforms, and other support programs and systems to make sure that those leaders who attend our events continue to improve their (and the people under their influence) leadership skills on a consistent basis; to grow consistently…

II. Vision Statement:

PRO Leadership envisions ordinary individuals becoming leaders and maximize their potential, which in turn contributes towards individual and collective success at family, organizational, national, and global levels.

III. Core Values:

Core values of PRO Leadership are inflexible decrees:

  • Dignity for the individual,
  • Integrity in our dealings,
  • Transparency of communication,
  • Taking full responsibility for our actions,
  • Demonstrate stewardship by taking good care of resources,
  • Serve with excellence,
  • Diversity,
  • Responsiveness, and
  • Non-partisan and impartiality to all.