PRO Leadership would like to partner with all stakeholders who care about the true transformation of Africa. PRO Leadership has identified its strengths and areas it can add value to propel the Initiative forward. We would like to attract other stakeholders as strategic partners to support the Initiative in the areas of their strengths.

For this historic Initiative to succeed, it needs the active involvement of many of the following key stakeholders:

  1. African national governments, non-profit organizations, and local community organizations
  2. African based businesses and educational institutions
  3. Individual Africans in the continent
  4. African Union and other regional organizations
  5. Africans in the Diaspora and their community organizations
  6. UN and other multinational institutions working on sustainable development
  7. Private foundations that work in the continent to bring sustainable economic development
  8. Developed nations and their development agencies operating in Africa

Though getting the support of the above stakeholders facilitates a quick implementation, experites results, and leads to complete the Initaitive within a short period of time, we would like to begin the Initiative one project at a time by working with one strategic partner at a time. We don’t want to wait untill all pieces fall into place. We believe that if we start the Initiative, which we believe can play its fair share in the transformation of Africa, small scale, other stakeholders will join hands with us in due time as strategic partners. If we begin now, whatever time it may take, the Initiative will meet its goal of raising 1 million world-class leaders at the end of the day and within one generation. Below are the two most important partners we’re looking for to begin implement the Initiative:

  1. Hosts, those who host the Initiative in their organization/community.
  2. Sponsors, those who sponor the Initiative financially and in kind to cover all or part of the expenses Hosts will incur to implement the Initiative.

If in case you are unable or not interested to be a Host or a Sponsor, we also need other strategic partners to join us as we executive the Initiative. Let’s give you some ideas where you may support the Initiative based on your strength and interest. Below are some of the activities, some of which PRO Leadership and its partner Success Pathways, have begun doing using our own resources while some of them are yet to be implemented with the support of our future strategic partners like yourself:

  1. Distributing the book,
  2. Arranging annual and periordic leadership conferences,
  3. Providing workshops and webinars for existing and new Cohorts and TOTs,
  4. Creating documents that govern the Cohort and TOT systems,
  5. Offering refreshing courses for Cohorts and TOTs,
  6. Making our programs available online,
  7. Automating our processes,
  8. And more.

You may engage in supporting the Initiative by:

  • Sponsoring the distribution of the book or
  • Assisting in recruiting Hosts, Sponsors, and other strategic partners or
  • Participating in the design and delivery of programs or
  • Developing resources (material and documents), and systems or
  • Volunteering as a trainer, coach, and/or a mentor or
  • Allowing us to use your facilities or
  • Donating financially or
  • Lending your expertise, experience, hand anywhere you may add value. Just reach out. We’re waiting for you…

If you would like to discuss how to partner with us, and areas of partnerships, please reach out to our Team at [email protected]