Are you ringing the bell 3 times & putting the helmet down?

One of the toughest, if not the TOUGHEST, military unit in the US army is the Navy SEAL. You have to be physically and mentally tough to get into the door. You have to be extra tough to remain in the program and finish it without ringing the infamous bell 3 times and putting your helmet down in front of other candidates and then walk away from your Navy SEAL dream.

At PRO Leadership, we aim at raising Navy SEAL equivalent New Breed Leaders of Africa. We realized that Africa needs to pass through a lasting transformation before she enjoys true prosperity, unity, harmony, and peace. We also acknowledged that this journey is a long and protracted one, and it should begin with transforming the mindset of the youth. Accordingly, we gave special emphasis to our programs on mindset. We believed that we have to raise new breed leaders of Africa with a new and tough mindset. New Africa, New Mindset. For Africa to overcome her challenges and compete globally, she must first raise world-class citizens with world-class mindset.

We strongly believed that without a reformed mindset, there will not be a reformed Africa. Our conviction is that mindset reform at an individual level leads to cultural reform first at community and ultimately continentally, and this in turn leads to the lasting transformation of Africa. Like Mother Theresa used to say, when everyone cleans his doorstep, the world becomes clean.

As a result, we decided to toughen up our leadership, graduates, and volunteers. The logic is simple. We cannot send our leadership and graduates to raise new breed leaders of Africa with a new mindset without them first developing such a mindset.

To accomplish this challenging task, we created a culture equivalent to the Navy SEAL. The latter are special forces with special assignments. Only the determined soldiers are willing enough to step into that culture. What is more, only the tough ones graduate and serve their country with extraordinary excellence, dedication, and precision. Our graduates are reform soldiers who vowed to contribute their fair share in bringing true transformation in Africa in their own generation.

We believed that our culture must be unique and tougher. Once we succeed in creating this culture in the house, we could duplicate it to the new breed leaders we raise. And, the latter in turn duplicate it among their communities, and ultimately throughout Africa.

However, we aren’t delusional. Not all candidates of our programs and leaders who volunteered will remain committed to this culture. For whatever reasons, if they are unable to fulfill the bare minimum requirements, they ‘ring the bell 3 times, put the helmet down’ and walk away. Of course, our doors are always open. They can come back again when they are ready.

Transforming Africa in one generation through leadership development is a challenging task and demands determined new breed leaders who are willing to reform their mindset- toughen themselves up, before they go out to raise other new breed leaders.

If you are already part of this movement, we’re excited that you took this challenge. For sure, you would be proud in the end to share with your kids and grandkids that you had a part in the lasting transformation of Africa. You will leave a legacy that outlasts you. The question at this juncture is: Are you determined to toughen yourself up in the rest of this twisted and protracted journey or are you going to ring the bell 3 times, put the helmet down, and walk away?

If you’re not part of this movement yet, do you have what it takes in you- which we believe you have, to finish this journey, contribute your fair share in transforming 1st your life, profession, your community, and ultimately the continent by continually growing without ringing the bell 3 times and putting the helmet down or not? If you’re not sure, take your time. Toughen up first your mindset, and knock the door when you are ready.

Whether you’re a returnee or new, we’ll always wait for you with open arms.

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