Come prepared to attend the webinar on May 23rd on conflict management

Our third and final webinar is going to be on May 23rd, 2020 at 11 am EST (6 pm Ethiopia time). To learn more about the theme and learning objectives of the webinar, check this link out:


We are finalizing the flyer. There may be some changes in the final flyer. Regardless, we have decided to share the draft flyer to give you enough time to plan. If you would like to get the login info and/or if you may have any questions from now till May 23rd, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via [email protected]

Please note that you’re a leader and working with a leadership organization. You have a lot to offer to your fellow leaders at PRO Leadership. We highly encourage you to come prepared to learn from the presenter and also other fellow participants plus share your insights and approaches that have been helping you turn conflicts into opportunities. Share with us your stories or the stories of those who have excellent skills in managing conflicts. 

Don’t forget that when we are talking about conflict, it doesn’t have to be violent that involves fistfight or guns 🙂 Any disagreement that comes between you & your relationships and hinders your goals is conflict and it needs your prime attention. Unfortunately, many of us don’t consider these conflicts. Some of us don’t want to think about them let alone deal with them. Still, some of us avoid dealing with them all together hoping they would go away by there own time. A few of us might have been too confrontational sometimes where we have damaged our relationships and slowed our progress. These must change if your desire is to become a better leader and person. This is a must soft skill you should develop.

In this webinar, our goal is to help you see conflicts as opportunities to tap into, platforms to deepen your relationships and partnerships, and occasions to learn and grow to become a better leader, follower, peer, spouse, friend, partner, and so on. We cannot wait to see you next week.

In the meantime, if you may have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out…

Finally, make sure to log into the webinar 10 – 15 minutes earlier to address if in case you may face technical or connection issues. Please note that we will start the meeting at 11: 05 am EST. We only give 5 minute wait time. We must respect the time of those who log on time. That being said, please also note that we are going to record the webinar to upload it to those who are unable to attend.

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