Dr. AZ was interviewed by The African Passport

Dr. AZ was interviewed by The African Passport Show from South Africa.

Some of the discussion points were: 1. What are your vision and objectives at Success Pathways? 2. What advice would you give to most African leaders? 3. How can we permanently resolve ongoing conflicts in most African countries such as Ethiopia, Mali, Mozambique, etc 4. How can Africa benefit from her citizens living in the diaspora? 5. How can we build the Africa We Want by 2063? 6. What kind of Africa would you like to leave for the next generation?

Below is the interview:

Once you listen, let me know the most important lesson you got, what went well and what didn’t go well, and if there are points that you share or don’t share with me. 

If you prefer to give your feedback offline, that too works with me. Let me know what you think went well and what can be improved when I’ll have another interview with Godfrey or another host in the future? Thanks in advance!

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