Exchanging Leadership Wisdom Among Cultures

Many culture experts agree that there are two major cultural divides in the world:

  • Individual, and
  • Communal cultures.

There are subcultures and individual exceptions within these two major cultural divides.

Grouping cultures into just two reduces the complexity of understanding the thousands of cultures that exist in the world. However, this shouldn’t stop us from recognizing, learning, and appreciating the uniqueness of each subculture and individual.

I. Individual Cultures. Countries, most of which are recognized as Western cultures such as the US, Canada, most of the European countries, and Australia, are within the individual cultures group. These countries are also named developed nations. They attained economic development using modern management, science, and technology.

II. Communal Cultures. Countries in the South and East such as in Africa, Asia, and South America are categorized as communal cultures. Most countries in these continents are labeled as developing countries. Nations like Japan, South Korea, and Singapore experienced transformation and became developed nations while countries like China, South Africa, Brazil, and so on are grouped together as emerging economies.

We, at PRO Leadership, would like to recognize all developing countries as EMERGING ECONOMIES. Though there are apparent economic development disparities among these nations, they have many things they share in common.

Our mission is to help emerging economies raise world-class leaders that transform their lives, careers, organizations, and communities. We use leadership development to empower individuals, organizations, and communities in these nations to tap into the opportunities the new era presents and overcome the challenges the 21st C poses…

We’re also bridge builders. We would like to create a bridge that connects leaders from both developed and emerging economies to exchange leadership wisdom by creating products, programs, and platforms.

We strongly believe that there are many mutually beneficiary leadership wisdom both camps could be able to learn from one another.

On top of facilitating platforms, we would like to distill leadership wisdom from both the individual and communal cultures and share them so that leaders in these cultures could be able to benefit from the leadership wisdom of cultures outside of their native culture.

If you are interested to learn more or would like to play a role in this noble mission, reach out at [email protected]

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