The mission of our initiatives is to bridge the leadership gaps to tackle the major challenges the emerging economies face and seize the opportunities the 21st C presents, and ultimately experience true and lasting transformation in one generation.


We see world-class youth, women, and diaspora leaders that transform their respective communities in one generation.


The main goal of these initiatives is to inspire, inform, equip, and empower world-class leaders that have a new mindset, the necessary leadership competencies, and solid character to transform their respective communities in one generation.


The following are the generic objectives of the initiatives:

  • To increase awareness about the critical roles leadership development plays for sustainable economic and social development and in turn toward the transformation of communities.
  • To design and deliver stage-by-stage leadership development programs in partnership with hosting and sponsoring strategic partners to equip and empower leaders at various stages of development.
  • To offer periodic refresher leadership courses together with strategic partners to continue empowering graduates of the stage-by-stage leadership development programs and those that are in the corresponding Cohort and TOT programs.
  • To provide support systems and materials to continue to support the different programs of the Initiative.


The Initiatives will have the following 4 major initial programs to begin fulfilling their mission:

  1. 30 – 90 minutes awareness creation keynote ‘Bridging the Leadership Gaps: Raising world-class leaders who transform their communities in one generation.’ The talk will be delivered using various platforms to highlight the critical roles leadership plays and the kind of leadership development programs the community needs to raise its world-class leaders who in turn bring true and lasting transformation to the community.
  2. 1-day stage-by-stage leadership development programs (for 3 major stages of leadership) to launch cohorts
  3. Stage-by-stage Cohort and TOT (Training of Trainers) programs following their corresponding 1-day stage by stage leadership development programs.
  4. Refresher courses to Cohort and TOT members.

Note: We will closely work with the Host, the Sponsor, and other relevant stakeholders to design and deliver the right program (s) for your people. And also, in consultation with our strategic partners and other stakeholders, we will review these programs periodically and update them if necessary. We’ll also include additional programs as time goes and when the need arises.

Strategic Partners: PRO Leadership would like to partner with all stakeholders who care about the true transformation of the world one community at a time. PRO Leadership has identified its strengths and areas it can add value to propel the Initiative forward. We would like to attract other stakeholders as strategic partners to support the Initiative based on their areas of strength. The two key stakeholders we are looking for:

  1. Hosts. Hosting partners invite PRO Leadership to deliver the launching keynote, and work with us to arrange the stage-by-stage leadership development programs, and host the Cohort and TOT programs.
  2. Sponsors. Sponsoring partners support the Initiative by sponsoring Hosts financially and in kind.

To learn more about the partnerships we are looking for and areas to partner with, click here…

Please reach out if you have any questions about how to implement the Initiative in your organization/community. Send us an email via [email protected] 


  • If you would like us to speak at your future events about the critical place leadership development plays to transform your community, reach out and we will work with you to customize the talk to align with the theme and participants of your event.
  • Whether you are interested to implement the Initiative within your community (organization) as a Host or to sponsor it for another community (organization) of your choice as a Sponsor, please reach out and we will give you more detail. Send us an email at [email protected] Use Bridging the Leadership Gaps in Africa Initiative on the subject line.
  • We have already formed a strategic partnership with Success Pathways, LLC (, which participates as part of its corporate responsibilities in the design and delivery of the Initiative’s programs. Success Pathways also agreed to give huge discounts to our other strategic partners who may need its services. If you need customized organizational and leadership development programs for your own team leaders, supervisors, managers, and executives, feel free to reach out to Team Success Pathways at [email protected] If you mention that you’re one of our strategic partners, you may get discounts.