Leadership Development to transform Africa once for all

Will Africa see her better days in my generation? Will I be lucky enough to see Africa shine during my lifetime? It depends.

It can happen if:

  1. You contribute your fair share in becoming and also raising new breed leaders who can transform Africa in one generation.
  2. Enough people cease the quest to seek external rescuers from outside.
  3. We stop over-depending on those politicians who are promising tones but under-delivering.
  4. We fight the temptation to listen to activists who promise that if we just do more activism we can earn the respect of the world and secure Africa’s rightful place on world stages.

Let the politicians and activists do their politicking and activism. There are some merits to these endeavors, especially to address burning issues and draw attention to the suffering of the people of the continent.

However, at the end of the day, Africa’s future can only be shaped and her honor is restored if and only if she bet on her people, especially the youth and women.

To transform Africa in one generation, we need to:

  • Invest in the human capital of Africa.
  • Raise visionary leaders who have high self-regard.
  • Empower the youth to have an unwavering commitment plus world-class leadership competencies.

Even if these new breed leaders may be few initially, they can act like yeast to transform their peers, communities, nations, and ultimately Africa.

If you believe that leadership development, like other development efforts that are going on right now, can play a significant role in raising competent leaders that can shoulder the responsibilities to transform Africa once for all and in this generation, join the movement and let’s bridge the leadership gaps in Africa. #Africa #NewBreedLeadersOfAfrica #BridgingTheLeadershipGapsInAfrica #PROLeadership

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