Our Governing Principles

There are many leadership organizations out there. We are here to complement. We’re not here to duplicate or compete.

We’re driven by higher principles that are foundational to transforming lives, organizations, and communities.

Accordingly, the following governing principles make PRO Leadership unique and drive its decisions, programs, and partnerships:

  1. Everyone is born with a purpose in life. No one is here on earth at this time, in this space, and generation by chance. They meant to pursue a purpose bigger than themselves. They’re supposed to contribute toward the transformation of their families, organizations, and communities.
  2. Leadership is a birthright to all. Each person has a birthright to become a leader in the area of their passion. Their fulfillment is tied to their willingness and determination to step up, take proactive steps, and take leadership till they get fulfilled in life. Everyone is born to lead. Don’t misread this. We’re not saying they’re born to leadership. What we’re saying is that they have what it takes to become a world-class leader in the area of their passion as far as they are willing to develop the necessary leadership qualities.
  3. Leadership can be developed. No one is born to leadership. All the great leaders we’ve known were followers at more than one point in their lives. They didn’t become world-class leaders from birth or overnight. That is why we believe that with support from organizations like us, each individual anywhere in the world can develop the needed leadership qualities, which in turn, enable them to tap into their unlimited potential and take the lead in the area of their passion. If one develops the required leadership attributes, chances are high to pursue and fulfill their purpose and greatly contribute toward the GREATER GOOD, toward the well-being of their respective families, organizations, communities, and beyond.

4. Holistic leadership growth is a must. Many leadership programs are either outdated, incomplete, off-shelf, generic, or even biased. World-class leaders who transform their lives, careers, families, organizations, and communities need to grow HOLISTICALLY. They need leadership programs that are custom designed to grow leaders in all aspects of leadership. Unfortunately, many leadership programs focus exclusively on leadership skills excluding other important aspects of leadership. We design and deliver holistic programs to raise world-class leaders- leaders with the right mindset, the necessary skillset, and a solid character set.

5. Leaders advance stage by stage. Leaders can’t grow at once. They evolve. Sadly, many leadership programs congregate all leaders at various levels of growth together and attempt to grow them collectively. They don’t know or neglect the fact that leadership is a protracted journey. Aspiring leaders become emerging leaders. Leaders who have been leading one project/team advance to lead multiple projects and teams and become middle leaders. Opportunities and challenges at each stage of leadership are totally different. They then advance to become executives and senior leaders. That is why we design and deliver leadership programs that are tailored to meet the needs of leaders at each stage.

6. Every culture has something to offer. There is no flagship culture that has everything humanity and the entire world needs. Resources, knowledge, and wisdom are distributed around the world. We need to tap into all these so that humanity may advance in its civilization by overcoming the current challenges we’re facing, and tapping into the opportunities this century provides. Every culture has something to offer for humanity’s success in this world. We strongly believe that there are great leadership pearls of wisdom in every culture. It is in the best interest of humanity if leaders in different cultures exchange leadership wisdom.

If you share one or more of these principles and would like to contribute your share, reach out at [email protected]

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