The Scope of Our Work

First of all, we strongly believe that we can’t fulfill our mandate to bring transformation through leadership development, one community at a time, without teaming up with other strategic partners.

We have this belief because our scope is global though we focus on empowering one community at a time.

This global mandate can’t be accomplished without the active participation of individuals, organizations, and institutions that share our vision.

Below you’ll find the scope of our work. Knowing these allows you to see where you could be able to add value and partner with us.

  • We empower Diaspora leaders from Emerging Economies. We understand that the Diaspora can play a significant role by becoming a bridge between hosting countries and their respective emerging economies. And therefore, they are one of the pillars of strategic partnerships.
  • We raise world-class Youth and Women leaders of emerging economies. We already have so many men and adult leaders. Though these leaders are critical for the transformation of emerging economies, the participation of women and youth in taking leadership matters significantly.
  • We started our mission in the DC metro area, we’ll take it to the world. PRO Leadership was formed in Maryland and has already contributed its share in raising leaders in the DMV area since its establishment. We have also begun expanding to Africa, more specifically to Ethiopia, the seat of the AU. We will continue to expand to other African countries and other emerging economies around the world.
  • We lead our efforts based on a clear initiative. We’ve crafted initiatives that bridge the leadership gaps in emerging economies in Africa, Asia, and South America.
  • We are bridge builders among civilizations and cultures. We’ll collaborate with Western and South/East institutions to facilitate leadership experience and wisdom exchange programs.
  • We have empowering leadership programs. We’ll create short and long-term programs to bridge the leadership gaps.
  • We have a long-term plan to institutionalize what we do. We’ll establish a leadership research institute that leads emerging economies’ transformation through leadership development.
  • We have to have a robust media presence. To reach out, connect, partner, and achieve our goals, we need the support of the latest media platforms, and professionals who excel at communicating on these platforms.

If you would like to contribute your share for the accomplishment of any of the above works, reach out to our team at [email protected]

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