Webinar- Trio Foundation of Visionary Organizations

The most important elements of any visionary organization are its mission, vision, and core values. They are foundations. If these foundations are non-existence or shaky, the organization cannot go anywhere meaningful. It cannot have a meaningful impact.

An organization’s other elements such as its organizational structure, strategies, and tactics should be built on these solid trio foundations.

These trios determine:

  1. The direction the organization takes and the destiny it arrives
  2. The products and services it provides
  3. How and who will be recruited and promoted
  4. Strategic partnership choices
  5. And more.

The most important assignments of a leader in any organization are:

  • Fully understand, articulate, communicate and share these trio foundations to internal and external customers
  • Align oneself, the department, and the team one leads alongside these trios
  • Impart them to his/her successors
  • And more.

This coming Saturday on August 8, 2020, PRO Leadership arranged a webinar on the theme Trio Foundations of Visionary Leaders: How to articulate, communicate & share your mission, vision, and values.

Using this webinar, the founder will clarify, provide deeper understanding, and give examples to help PRO Leadership’s new and future leaders fully understand these trio foundations in order them to successfully advance PRO Leadership’s mission, contribute their fair share toward the fulfillment of its vision, and demonstrate a commitment toward its values. The opportunity would also empower them to align their departments and team members.

Even if you’re not part of our leadership, the lessons you will learn will empower you to succeed as a leader of your team, organization, or business. The insights, examples, and approaches you will gain from this webinar will allow you on how to articulate your own personal life, business, and/or organization’s trios. For details and attend the webinar, check the flyer above:

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